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Academic Support for Students who are Absent

Some of the most enriching aspects of a Mulgrave education take place at school, and we are strong proponents of having students on campus for their ongoing growth, development, and wellbeing. However, we fully recognise that there are situations in which hybrid (online) learning is required, such as illness, self-isolation required by a health authority, extreme anxiety, and immunocompromised situations. 

Apart from short term situations, hybrid learning is not something that students and families can opt in or out of on a week by week basis and will only be offered  temporarily in line with the government direction. Please note that students who are not well should still take time to rest as they would have in the past.

If a student is temporarily unable to attend school in person, the family should contact their divisional coordinator, divisional principal (EY and JS only), and classroom/advisor teacher. Given the nature of teaching and learning in the Early Years and Junior School, 48 hours notice is required to set-up hybrid learning. In Middle and Senior School, students can access Google Meets for their timetabled classes starting on the first day of an absence. If students are returning to campus from a prolonged absence, we ask that families please provide at least two working days notice. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, students should not jump in and out of online learning.

In the Early Years and Junior School, online learning includes:

  • PK3-Grade 5: 2 small group Google Meets (mini-lessons or touchbase) with the classroom teachers/associates for 20 minutes per week
  • PK3-Grade 5: Whole class Google Meet once a week for students to remain connected with the classroom
  • PK3-Grade 5: Students/parents will receive a weekly overview explaining learning engagements in language arts, math and unit of inquiry (as applicable)
  • Grades 4-5: Students will receive one assignment each day on Google Classroom or Seesaw in either language arts, math, or unit of inquiry
  • Grade 6: Students will join in their subject timetabled classes in google meets for their lessons. The Google Meet link to each lesson will be on their course cover page in SEQTA learn. G6 students are expected to check SEQTA learn and google classroom daily for lesson outlines, resources and expectations. 
  • Additional language teachers: Students will be invited to 2 Google Meets per week, learning engagements posted on Seesaw or Google Classroom
  • Music: Students will be invited to 1-2 Google Meets per week, learning engagements posted where applicable on Seesaw

In the Middle and Senior Schools, online learning includes:

  • The ability to connect synchronously to lessons as scheduled in each student’s timetable.
  • The same homework expectations as those attending school in person.
  • Access to additional support via scheduled online help sessions schedule.
  • Connection with homeroom/advisor teacher and group according to each student's timetable.  
  • Online meetings with both the university and career as well as social-emotional counsellors as needed.