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Mulgrave Volunteer Parent Association

Welcome to Mulgrave's Volunteer Parent Association (MVP)

We are a group of parents ranging from the ELC to the Senior School, working together to enhance Mulgrave’s vibrant sense of community. We collaborate with faculty, staff, and parents to organise and coordinate events and activities throughout the year.

If you are looking for a way to get more involved with the school, we will find an opportunity that suits your schedule and area of interest. Some of our activities include:

  • uniform sales
  • sports programme assistance
  • class parent representation
  • decorating for holidays and events
  • special event support for community building activities such as the Welcome Back BBQ and Bingo Night.

Supported by an amazing community of caring, talented parents, our children sincerely benefit from the time and knowledge of our volunteers.

Please join us! We always welcome, encourage, and need new volunteers! Complete the MVP Volunteer Form that includes our current priority positions, or watch for opportunities in our weekly Connexions newsletter.


For more information, contact MVP President, Brenda Rajani at brenda_rajani@yahoo.com.

MVP Volunteer Opportunities - Current Priorities

Buddy Families

We match current families with new families who have children of similar age and gender, so the incoming children already know a classmate before school begins. As a Buddy Family, you may:

  • Answer questions - remember how many questions you had when you started at Mulgrave?
  • Join them at the New Parent Reception
  • Get together for a play date over the summer
  • Help them make additional connections, especially at the beginning of the school year, so they feel embraced by our community spirit.

If you're interested in being a Buddy Family, or have any questions, please contact either Amy (K-G2 families) amycyuen@gmail.com or Eve (G3-6 families) eve@lyragrowth.com .

MVP Executive

We have a variety of Executive positions that will become available in the upcoming school year. Please click here for an overview of the roles and responsibilities. We'll be sending a nomination form on May 11th with our AGM notice that will include a list of specific positions available.

Grade and Class Representatives

Duties may include:

  1. Introduce and liaise with the homeroom/grade teacher(s)
  2. Welcome new families to Mulgrave
  3. Collect funds for the class as needed
  4. Plan and organise the grade parent information session
  5. Plan and organise social events
  6. Organise parent volunteers and assist teachers
  7. Email and communicate with parents
  8. Attend meetings with Divisional Coordinator and Principal as needed
Want to Volunteer?

Whether you have several hours a week or just an hour or two throughout the year, we welcome your support. Complete our MVP Volunteer Form and we'll find an opportunity that suits your interests.

MVP Executive

Do you want to get in touch with the MVP leadership team? Click to access the MVP Executive list.