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Mulgrave Uniform

The Uniform by Grade

Cambridge Uniform Address

135-1305 Welch Street
North Vancouver
Phone: 604.924.9069

Click here for Cambridge information (including in-store fitting and online ordering instructions). The code to access Mulgrave items online is GRA795.

Labelling Made Easy!

One of the biggest challenges with uniforms is getting them back to their owners. We can do that if the pieces are labelled. We are partnering with Mabel's Labels to provide you with a discount for their most popular products and to help fundraise for the school.

Visit their website to get started, then click 'Select' under 'Select Your School' and scroll down to find Mulgrave School. Use the code MULGRAVE10 to receive a 10% discount off your purchase. It is easy to order and even easier to use!