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IB Continuum Schools & Districts Global Conference


Jeanice Swift
Kevin Karr
Paul Campbell
Alan Wrafter
Bob Poole
David Michel
Joel Slofstra
Martin Jones
Lindsey Berns
Kyle Prior
Nick Sautin
Dr. Debi Khasnabis
Jane Drake
Janet Hicks
Ann Walters
Melissa Moore
Rod Harding
Rob Eakin
Jamie Caton
Jennifer Tieche
Robert Ohly
Jen Aragon
Dr. Mechelle Bryson
Liz Thornhill
Roland Hinmueller
Judy Duncan
Sarah Marshall
John Wray
Suzette Dohm
Sam Saini
John Sauer


Keynote Addresses

Friday: IB Continuum Schools and Districts - How We Got Here

Presented by Paul Campbell, Head of Regional Development & Outreach, IBO

The concept of a continuum of IB programmes is taken for granted, but it is actually the result of two decades of work. Diving into this history, IB's most senior staff person will reflect on the history of the continuum, how we arrived at this point, and what lies ahead.

Saturday: Leading in an IB Continuum District

Presented by: Kevin Karr and Jeanice Swift, Michigan School District

Details to come.

Saturday: IB Curriculum Innovation and Alignment

Presented by Jane Drake, Head of Curriculum Innovation and Alignment, IBO

Details to come.

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