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Head of School Search

After more than a decade as Head of School at Mulgrave, John Wray has announced that he will leave in July 2023, in advance of the 2023-24 school year. While that is still a long time into the future, this length of notice is quite typical for independent schools and allows our Board of Directors to conduct a thorough search for a successor. John informed the Mulgrave Board of his decision with a great deal of notice, allowing plenty of lead time to define and conduct a thorough search plan and process.

Until his departure, John will continue to lead the school in the fullest capacity and will also work collaboratively with the Board and leadership team to ensure that the transition to a new Head of School is smooth and complete.

We know that our students, families, alumni, faculty and staff, and other friends of Mulgrave will want the opportunity to honour John and wish him well. Please stay tuned for more details about these celebrations as we get closer to his departure date in 2023.

Our Candidate Brief was released in early January and shares information about Mulgrave, the role, and the expected attributes and experiences of potential candidates.

Our Approach

Mulgrave’s Board of Directors has the responsibility to steer the Head of School search and decide who will carry us forward after John’s departure. A committee (Gopi Chande, Harry Wierenga, Beier Cai, and Kate Hoogendoorn, chaired by Malik Talib) will provide oversight of the process. 

After a systematic review, the Board has engaged leading international search firm Perrett Laver. Lucy Hayes, Partner and Head of their Global Schools Practice, will lead the process. She has been involved in recent Head searches for Saint George’s, Crofton House, Pearson College UWC in Victoria, and the IB Organisation with successful results, and her international experience includes appointments at YK Pao School in Shanghai, the United World College of South East Asia, and the International School of Geneva. 

Following an extensive consultation process during which they will collect community input, our Selection Committee of parent board members (Gopi Chande, Beier Cai, Roz Seyednejad), two faculty, and a student will perform various aspects of the process ultimately making a recommendation to the Board. This team will also be chaired by Malik Talib.

Letters to the Community

John Wray’s Letter/Video to the Community, October 20, 2021

Gopi Chande’s Letter to the Community on behalf of the Board, October 21, 2021

Consultation Survey & Open Door Sessions, November 4, 2021

Consultation Summary, December 15, 2021

Launch of Recruitment Efforts, January 13, 2022

Community Update, February 24, 2022

Community Update, April 21, 2022

Community members can reach out to the Board at or Perrett Laver at

Community Engagement

Mulgrave’s community of students, parents/guardians, faculty and staff, and alumni all have an important role to play in this process. In November, the Board will invite input via a community survey and a series of small group consultations with Lucy Hayes (including Open Door sessions on November 18th and 19th). Through these mechanisms, they will gather thoughts about the opportunities and challenges facing the school in the next decade, as well as views on the leadership attributes and characteristics needed to fulfill Mulgrave’s mission and vision and accomplish the strategic plan. The results will inform the candidate brief that will guide the search process. Please watch for more information in Connexions and via email.


The search is expected to take 8-10 months, which is typical for Head of School searches, with our new Head being appointed in the summer of 2022. The following are related key milestones and events: