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By: Alyssa, Ellyana, Vanessa, Isabel, Jocelyn, Leili, and Charmaine (G11)

There are a lot of discussions happening around the world about big topics such as race. Growing awareness through efforts such as the Black Lives Matter movement shine a light on different experiences and struggles, but it’s also important to recognise that individuals may face more than one barrier. So, for Spirit Week, we wanted to explore the different facets of an individual’s identity and how they may ‘intersect’ with one another to create unique, individual experiences. For example, a black woman may have a much different experience than a gay, white man. 

The many dimensions of diversity impact both the struggles and barriers we may face (or lack thereof) as well as the implicit biases hidden within our beliefs and perspectives. Our goal, through events with Upper School students next week, is to begin to unpack the concepts of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and nationality in relation to our own experiences and identities. It is important that we realise how one social barrier is not more difficult to overcome than another, but all contribute to the challenges a person might face every day. Although broad, we hope to use this theme to explore a myriad of perspectives and subtopics throughout the week, all of which are meant to be a starting point for fostering a more inclusive and open environment at Mulgrave and beyond.

March 5th is the deadline to order Spirit Week lunch from Tacofino and Booster Juice. The link to the form can be found here. Additionally, if you did not order Spirit Week gear (pictured above), we have limited extras. Please contact to reserve your hoodie or sweatpants!

We have a multitude of fun activities in store for Upper School Students! A complete schedule will be sent out to the Upper School in an email. To further engage with intersectionality and Spirit Week events, make sure to follow the SAC Instagram page @mulgrave.sac