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Annual General Meeting Recap


Last night, the Mulgrave Independent School Society held its Annual General Meeting. Society members elected two new directors: Beier Cai, technology entrepreneur and parent of a Grade 2 student and preschooler, and Roz Seyednejad, engineering executive and parent of Grade 8 and 10 students. Restanding members, Gopi Chande and Navida Suleman were re-elected. 

John Wray and Gopi Chande, Chair of the Board, spoke at the event. A video recording of John's full address can be viewed by clicking on the image above. Both focussed on their appreciation of our school community during a year full of challenges.

"When reflecting on the past school year, the most enduring aspect is the strength of our values," said Gopi. "As is the case with most challenging circumstances, the power of the collective to overcome and endure is very real. Thank you all for coming together this past year in a truly inspirational way."

She also touched on progress made on planned Board work. "Most notably, construction of the Athletics and Performing Arts Centre is underway and we made significant progress on the next iteration of our strategic plan. Both efforts are on track to wrap in 2021."

The school extends its thanks to our Board of Directors. As a non-profit organistion, our Board stewards the overall strategic vision and financial wellbeing of the school. To learn more about the Board and Members, please click here.