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Blinded, by Katherine B, G9

“Bailey? Bailey, can you hear me?” A faint voice echoed through my head, hardly audible through the high pitched whining in my ears. I could hear the pain throbbing in my head and flowing through my legs. And my eyes. The pain. I was floating in space. Endless, timeless, colourless space. Black and white shapes danced in my eyes, like a moving, monochrome abstract piece. It would have been beautiful if it wasn’t for the pain that folded around me. Each shape was a different type of pain coursing through my body. The irony was that I couldn’t even feel my body. I was just a soul. Existing. I was in pain but I was as calm as I could be. I floated there for who knows how long. Then all the shapes vanished. I was left in pure darkness. Then sound. So many sounds. I opened my eyes. Still darkness. No, not darkness, colours. But no shapes. 

“Hello?” I managed to croak out of my cracked throat. Then I felt something brush against my hand. 

“Bailey? Are you awake?” I immediately recognized the voice as that of my moms. 

“Mom!” I reached out for her. She met my grasp. 

“Bailey! I was so worried! How do you feel?” 

“Sore.” I reached my hand to where my head was. It was throbbing quite a lot. I still couldn’t see. 

“Ugh….what happened?” My mom explained that my dad was driving me home from my late night art class and a car drove into us. I could feel her worried gaze. 

“Tell me if you need anything okay? I’ll be right here.” A lot of stuff happened after that. I can’t really remember all the details. I faded in and out of consciousness. The first time that I really was awake I heard a few different voices. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. 

“State your name and business please.” I said, trying to sound official. Everything went dead quiet for a second and then it got really loud. I covered my ears. 

“Too loud, please….my head hurts.” I mumbled. The room suddenly got very quiet. 

“Who’s here?” 

“Me, Jack, and Lucy. Uh...can you not see us?” That was the voice of my best friend, Iris. Then I heard the doctor walk into the room.

“Unfortunately due to the impact of the car crash and the glass in her eyes Bailey is permanently blind. I’m sorry Bailey.” I started to cry. I felt a lot of hands on my back and consoling voices. But it didn’t matter. I didn’t believe in their empathy. I was blind to more than the room around me.