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Since the earliest days of Mulgrave’s young history, our school has been known for continually pushing the boundaries to ensure that our students have the highest possible quality of education. 

We recently updated our Innovative and Interesting Practice webpage with information on initiatives currently underway. “The changes we are making are based on strong research and are in alignment with our existing school values,” explains Martin Jones. “We have the opportunity to learn from other outstanding and innovative schools, but also to shape these practices to best suit our approach to teaching and learning, and to our students.”

One area of focus is ‘personalisation through blended and online learning’. Martin explains that this effort was well underway before the pandemic hit, but that through our experience during the campus closure last year, we were able to learn more and accelerate this process. “We’ve taken these insights and are piloting different models of blended and online learning in specific courses to understand how increased flexibility can lead to higher learning outcomes.”

Students in Michael Moore’s Physics 10 class are currently experimenting with a hybrid learning model, meaning that they have the choice to be in class with the teacher or online. Michael requires students to attend ‘anchor’ classes in person but otherwise, he posts lessons on SEQTA. Online classes are not simply videos of an in-person lesson. Instead, he offers a robust range of simulations, engaging activities, assignments, and other online resources.

“It is a much more personalised approach,” says Michael. “It might not seem that way as students are not always face-to-face with me, but as a teacher, I am providing more detailed and individualised feedback and am customising the learning to a greater extent. If students feel they learn better in a classroom environment, they have that choice. They can also set their own pace if they want to work ahead or go to greater depth on a subject than required. This gives the students many more opportunities to personalise where, when, and how they learn.”

The pilot programme will wrap up at the end of the year, at which time feedback and data will inform our future commitment and approach to online learning as part of our core academic programme (as appropriate to student age, subject matter, and course content).



Thanks to our generous Momentum annual fund donors, we have been able to adapt to evolving student needs and create two new classrooms which provide regular access to dedicated and enhanced learning spaces. 

“Due to student demand, a high-level economics course was added this year. Mr. Carson and I were constantly moving around and had to plan far in advance to find suitable classrooms,” Mr. McLeod explains. “Having a regular space for economics is really helpful and provides consistency for students.”

The rooms have only been available for less than a month but are already also being used by Chinese and science classes, and even as a place for Grade 7 recess and lunch while the Theatre is in use for Middle and Senior School play rehearsals. Students are loving these new spaces; check out this short video captured by Mr. McLeod!




By Elissa C, Devon S, and Ellie M, Grade 12

During the pandemic, we were inspired to create a business called TYED4CANCER to support the Canadian Cancer Society and patients who do not have the means to support their treatment plan.

We created tie-dye clothing, developed a website, and advertised our mission on social media platforms. Since April, we’ve received orders from across Canada and overwhelming support from our community. Not only did we donate a large sum of money to the Canadian Cancer Society, but we also connected with individuals affected by cancer who were inspired by our mission. Today, we continue to sell clothing (and our new masks!) with donations going to multiple organisations including the Black Lives Matter movement. We also plan to assist Canada’s COVID Relief Fund.

To support our cause please follow us @TYED4CANCER on Instagram, and check out our website



Our virtual gala, Destination: Inspired, is fast approaching! This combination of live and recorded performances will be broadcast to your home on March 6th at 6:00pm - and don’t worry, you won’t be on camera (but we do encourage you to take photos and tag @MulgraveSchool on Instagram!). 

We’ve got some stellar entertainment lined up - including vocals by Kiana Parsa in G8, G10 student Joel Nicholl's cover of a U2 song, and the alumni Korean folk rock band The Blue Daisies.

There will also be several professional spectacles for your enjoyment. Wij the Magician will perform a family magic show that will astound and amaze you; and Undercover, a local cover band will play some Motown classics to get the whole family up and dancing.

Don’t hesitate, participate! Support our scholarship programme by purchasing your ticket today (only one ticket required per household).



Congratulations to our Upper School Athletes of the Month for December & January!

  • Koleta K, G11, Varsity Girls Basketball
  • Marshall M, G11, Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Abtin Z, G9 Boys Basketball
  • Sara S, G9 Girls Basketball

While the winter sports term has been unusual with no games, the selection criteria for Athletes of the Month remains the same. Students were nominated based on their determination, dedication & positive attitude. The Athletics Council receives nominations from every team and votes on the winners in accordance with five core values: commitment, character, communication, confidence, and heart. 

These athletes show tremendous effort and leadership in practices and constantly strive to make themselves and their teammates better.




You may be aware that BC's Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of Education recently released new COVID guidelines for schools.

It was quickly evident that a majority of the new requirements (for example, middle and secondary school students and all K-12 teachers wearing masks in more classroom situations) were already covered by Mulgrave's protocols. However, we have still carefully reviewed each regulation to ensure that we are in full compliance. It is not necessary for us to increase the rigour of our measures and we thank our students, faculty and staff, and families for all abiding by our protocols in an effort to safeguard our community.