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eLearning Words of Wisdom


If you’re a little anxious about assisting your children as they embark on eLearning - often juggling your work obligations at the same time - you’re in good (virtual) company. We connected with Yuna Huang, a former Mulgrave parent and staff member who now lives in Shanghai, about her family's experiences during China's response to the pandemic. She shared a few lessons gleaned from her daughters’ transition to eLearning at Shanghai American School. Norah is in Grade 5 and Alyssa (who sometimes opts to learn in a tent!) is in Grade 2.

“The biggest challenge for them was the social-emotional aspect of isolation. But, the best part was witnessing the pure happiness my daughters felt when they were finally able to reunite with peers they hadn’t seen in seven weeks! In many ways, eLearning has helped improve their state of mind by giving them a sense of connection, even if only virtually.” 

When reflecting on her own hurdles, Yuna says that parents need to accept that with eLearning, technology is not necessarily a distraction, but an essential learning tool. 

Parents of younger students are also now more actively involved in the learning process which can be challenging if you are working. Yuna's number one tip is to create a family schedule. “It was hard for me at the beginning to manage both my and my girls’ time, and they struggled when I wasn’t able to help. The key is to be available, but also nurture responsibility by giving them space to solve problems on their own first.” 

As the classroom increasingly merges with the family home, it is important to remember that while the instructional mediums and techniques may change, the end goal of enhancing learning remains, and goes far beyond academics. “It’s a time to teach children about compassion, empathy, resilience, and perseverance in the face of change, as well as the value of relationships. These are the things that truly move us forward...these, and strong Wi-Fi!” adds Yuna.

The ‘new normal’ of this public health emergency, coupled with physical distancing, has rapidly changed how we live, work and learn. But one of the biggest comforts comes from witnessing our worldwide community continuing to collaborate, improvise, adapt, and thus overcome.

Jump Rope for Heart


April 6, 1:30pm

Facebook Live and IGTV

This event has been going strong for 24 consecutive years and we can’t let COVID-19 be the reason we skip (oh yes...pun intended!) our 25th anniversary.

All students and families are invited to take part in this live event - just like our Facebook Page or follow us on Instagram. And use  #MulgraveJumps to share your photos and videos.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is grateful for your donations. Please click here and enter Mulgrave School so we can see our tally grow. 


Keeping Healthcare Workers Safe: Operation Protect


In our current context, the value of community is ever-increasing. In an effort to help where we can, our science department teamed up with SafeCare BC and donated more than 2,000 pairs of latex gloves to Operation Protect!

The initiative helps provide supplies nation-wide for front-line healthcare workers facing shortages of medical equipment. We are so grateful for the selfless work of these incredible professionals throughout this difficult time.

Group 6 Art Exhibit


The Group 6 Art Exhibit took place just before Spring Break. Students from Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, and Film all came together to create a gallery-style experience throughout the school.

Sounds Like Art was the final exhibition for our Grade 12 students, many of whom wish to pursue the arts in their post-secondary studies.

A few photos from the event are available in our Community Gallery (password: Mulgrave).

eLearning Information


If you haven't had the chance to check out our new eLearning Information webpages on the Student and Parent Portals, we encourage you to do so. You'll find lots of tips, resources, links, and Q&As.

New to the Tech Tips page is a tutorial on adding parental controls to iPads, and Q&As have been updated to reflect some of the latest inquiries...including whether or not uniforms are required during eLearning. They're not, but we know some students (or parents!) are keen to keep the routine and signal 'time for school'.

Please also note the schedule change for Upper School students on Friday afternoons. Advisory sessions will now take place from 1:20-1:35pm.

Athletes of the Month: February


A big cheer for the following Upper School Athletes for being voted Athlete of the Month for February 2020! 

  • Julia C, G12 - Varsity Girls Basketball
  • Aleksei R, G11 - Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Abtin Z, G8 - JV Boys Basketball
  • Eva R, G8 - G8 Girls Basketball

Our mighty Titans may be on hiatus for now, but we know you'll all be back, stronger than ever! Be sure to stay active.