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This Week in Photos

Summit 1 Snowshoeing...taking a break!

Spectacular Norouz/Navroz decor is underway! Thank you to our amazing parent volunteers for you time and creativity. We can't wait to see it all in place.

Congrats to the G6 Girls for going undefeated at ISEA Play Day!

Grade 2 students went back in time to experience life in a one-room schoolhouse at Burnaby Museum

Those G3-7 swimmers went so fast at the ISEA Championships...their swim caps just couldn't hold up!

Grade 3 Mandarin B classes completed a clothing poster project to demonstrate their learning.

Never a dull moment at Mulgrave...

Learning for Teachers

During last Friday's Professional Development Day, many of Mulgrave's faculty members became students once again. Some also had the opportunity to facilitate sessions. Topics of study ranged from assessments to computational thinking, as well as a wide variety of subject area specifics. Here's a glimpse into the day of two of our teachers:

Mental Health First-Aid
By Jack McKillop, Outdoor Education

ImageIn my role at Mulgrave, I regularly lead groups of students into physically challenging and remote backcountry terrain. Although First-Aid incidents are very rare, it goes without saying that an Outdoor Education teacher should be qualified in Wilderness First-Aid. Less commonly understood are the psychological challenges posed by expeditions into the outdoors, and indeed it is often in facing and overcoming these challenges that many of our students find the most satisfaction and reward from their Outdoor Education experiences. In the same vein as physical First-Aid, mental health crises are rare on our expeditions, but it is important to be able to deal with any that may arise. With this in mind, I spent the professional development day becoming qualified as a mental health first-aider, along with ten other members of Mulgrave’s staff.

The intention of the course was to help demystify mental health related issues and provide some of the tools necessary to support and guide students in need. The course was provided by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and is nationally recognised. Simply being in the outdoors is proven to have a very positive effect on mental health, and I now feel better equipped to help students who perhaps have the most to gain from spending time in nature.

ISABC Professional Development Day
By James Gardiner, PHE

This year, I applied to ISABC to lead a roundtable discussion for the PE community. Knowing my session was going to be at the end of the day, I thought it was important to not just sit and talk about a few topics with thirty teachers, administrators and coaches, but rather to have these active leaders moving throughout the sessions.

After starting with a topic to which everyone could contribute, we broke into smaller groups (mixing educators and coaches from different schools who work with all age groups) to discuss and summarize our thoughts regarding some of the most current and interesting topics in our subject. It was great to hear how others are using technology, providing opportunities for student advocacy, exploring health and wellness, finding authentic ways for providing and using feedback, among others. Each group moved around the room, checking in at each station, where they could read the previous groups' ideas, then add their own input.

At the end of the session, we came together to see where everyone thinks PHE is heading in the future. Here, connections with other educators were made and this provided an opportunity to share our thoughts on some of the current hot topics in our subject area. 

- Click here for more on James' day at the ISABC sessions -

Physics in Action

By Michael Moore, Director of 21st Century Skills Development & Data Manager

ImageIt's not every day that one has the opportunity to get into the world of subatomic particles, quarks, mesons and baryons, but these particles are the daily building bricks at a nuclear cyclotron and research facility. Having recently completed their Nuclear and Particle Physics units, Grade 12 Physics students had the opportunity to do just that with a visit to TRIUMF, UBC.

It is always inspiring to see the theory we learn in class applied to real-life problems. Apart from exotic sounding names given to the experiments happening at TRIUMF like DRAGON, CYCLOMED, and TITAN, we learnt about applications of particle physics such as PET scanning and treatment of retinal cancer. In addition, we had the pleasure of being joined by Megan Stewart, Mulgrave alum 2016. She is currently completing a semester at TRIUMF as part of her co-op degree at Waterloo. Not only did she give us her insight into the experiments she is involved in, but she was able to give some useful university counselling advice about co-op programmes!

As we observed particles flying through the cloud chamber leaving their icy trails and signs of interactions, we realised that there is so much we do not see, yet is around us all the time. In the wonder that is contradiction and cognitive conflict, whether we are dealing with objects infinitely small or infinitely large, we were reminded that most of space is just...well…space.

Athletics Round Up

ImageBasketball is still dominating the Athletics calendar, but swim has also been a constant over the last few months with early morning and afternoon practises. Congratulations to our Grade 3-7 Swim Team for their success and perseverance at the ISEA Swim Championships!

We also extend our congratulations to Issac M and Behbod P (Junior Boys Basketball) for being named to the All Stars 2nd Team following their brilliant play for the Titans.

Upcoming Basketball Events:

  • February 21st: Varsity Boys host St. John's
  • February 22nd-23rd: Mulgrave Invitational Tournament - Junior Varsity Boys and Girls
  • February 22-23rd: ISAA Championships (various locations) - Grade 7 Boys and Girls, Grade 8 Boys
  • February 26th: ISEA Play Day at Mulgrave - Grade 5 Girls
  • February 26th: ISEA Play Day at Southridge - Grade 5 Boys

Click for more details on these stories and events.

The Dolphin Project

The IB Diploma Programme CAS (Community, Action, Service) engages students in an authentic service learning project and community volunteer placement. The body of work engages Grade 11 and 12 students in critical 21st century skills, including global citizenship, leadership and intercultural awareness.

Grade 11 students, Chloe S-T and Emily P, have chosen to focus their work on the plight of dolphins, learning more about the ongoing capture and slaughter of this species, as well as advocacy opportunities. They have also set a goal to raise $1,500 for the Dolphin Project, a non-profit organisation fighting for this cause. Here's a bit of insight on the issue they are working on:

ImageChloe: Between 2000-2013, a total of 19,092 small cetaceans (whales and dolphins) were taken in the drive fishery in Taiji, Japan, with 17,686 slaughtered and 1,406 taken live for sale to the captive display industry. Dolphins are sold for up to $200,000 USD per animal, and shipped worldwide.

There are currently around 2,360 cetaceans in captivity around the world - about 2,000 dolphins, 227 beluga and 53 killer whales. However, more than 5,000 cetaceans have died in captivity since the 1950s according to Change for Animals. This number should be 0.

Emily: Dolphins are held in captivity because they represent great financial gain for dolphinariums and places like Seaworld. The greatest asset of these animals is their misunderstood 'smile'. Dolphins are never smiling. It is the way their jaws are shaped. Why would they be happy to live in a tank?

For information on why Chloe and Emily chose this project, as well as what you can do to help, please click here.

Final Parent Education Session

Our final Parent Education Session with registered counsellor, Colleen Drobot, is on Wednesday, February 27th from 8:30 to 10:00am in the Senior School Academic Centre. 

Please click here for complete details and to register for Helping children face vulnerability and gain resilience.

Norouz Mobarak, Navroz Mubarak!


At the beginning of March, our school will be beautifully decorated with the rich colours and symbols that represent Navroz and Norouz, the New Year as marked by the equinox. We look forward to celebrating with the following events:

March 7th - Navroz: Students will be treated to a traditional drink and dessert - sherbet and cake. Special thanks to our Ismaili community for sharing their wonderful traditions.

March 8th, 4:00-6:00pm - Norouz: Hosted by our Iranian community, all Mulgrave families are invited to enjoy student performances and high tea. Please RSVP here.

Dads and Kids Bowling

ImageSaturday, February 23rd, 11:30am-2:00pm

Lace up those bowling shoes, Dads (and uncles and grandfathers), we've booked Rev's for an exclusive Mulgrave party!

Whether you're apt to throw gutter balls or strikes, it doesn't matter...bring the kids for an afternoon of friends, food and bowling. 

Please click here to buy tickets.

Special thanks to the MVP for organising this event.

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