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Community Connexions News

Strategic Update: Q&A with John Wray


Two weeks ago, we released the first of our Q&A videos with John Wray in which he addresses questions that surfaced as a result of the Strategic Plan Update.

Click on the image for the second video in the series, which hones in on preparing students for post-secondary, social-emotional learning, and engaging alumni.

If you missed the first videos on the Strategic Plan Update itself, click on the links to learn more:

Grace Assembly: Kindness Is...


Last Friday, we honoured our parent volunteers and celebrated kindness at our annual full-school Grace Assembly. Students from all divisions shared how they have experienced the compassion of others and what kindness looks like to them. From a helping hand on the playground to much larger gestures of support, student stories were genuine and touching.

Drew Vodrey, Upper School Humanities Teacher, shared the Japanese concept of omoiayri which translates to having meaning, being considerate, and feeling empathy.

Punctuated with lively student band performances and a fiery dance from the Grade 6 Performing Arts Showcase, the event left us all feeling gratitude for those who take a moment to brighten our days.

CIS Report

Mulgrave's leadership team has spent the past several weeks reading, analysing, and discussing the stakeholder feedback shared through the parent, student, and teacher CIS survey. We thank everyone who took the time to share their thoughts and help us on our continuous pursuit of excellence.

Through survey responses, we gained important insight about how various elements of the educational and community experience at Mulgrave are perceived. The results have helped us to identify improvements and are informing future communications, strategies, and initiatives. In particular, we will prioritise the following:

  • Increased training for teachers in learning differentiation for students with a variety of additional learning needs (learning differences, English language level, and giftedness);
  • Further focus on developing students' intercultural skills and using the cultural diversity of our community to enrich our education;
  • Ensuring that knowledge of, and information about, students is communicated effectively as students come into the school and pass from teachers in one grade to another.

If you are interested in diving deeper into the results, click here for a summary

All the World's Their Stage


The sweet sounds of Spring Concerts are the in the air! On Wednesday, Grade 4-6 students delighted the audience with Musical Playground, a compilation of band, choir, and class music performances. 

Early Years students will share their talents in Bugz on Friday morning and Grade 1-3 will treat us to Play! on Wednesday.

ImageCongrats to Grade 9 students Lucas N, Marshall M, Marshall H, and two peers from Carson Graham for their BC Student Film Festival win!

The seven minute film, The Empty Milk Cartons, is about five high school boys who are finding their way through the struggles of working together to form a garage band. The film won Best Narrative Comedy, and was previously awarded Best Technical and Best Performance at the 2018 Zoom Film Festival.

ImageGrade 6 student Kiana P has wowed us all with her voice at assemblies and she's just completed her first recording!

Losing Me is a beautiful, original piece and can be enjoyed on YouTubeApple Music, and Spotify.

ImageMake your way down to the Ferry Building Gallery before June 30th for a mixed media exhibit featuring West Vancouver's graduating art students. A number of pieces by Mulgravians will be on display.

Exhibition opening: June 14th, 6:00-8:00pm

Lost & Found

ImageThe Lost and Found piles have grown a fair bit over the last few months. There are loads of clothes, shoes, books, lunch kits, and water bottles that would love to be reunited with their owners before summer break! Items are on display outside the Lost and Found closet in the Performing Arts hallway. 

Items that have been identified as from the Junior School are on the rack outside the Library, but please check both locations if you are from the JS Division and on the hunt for something.

MStore Sale Items

Image Image Image

The M Store has some great items on sale to help get you prepared for next year (I know...who's thinking about next year?! So, maybe to round out the uniform in the next few weeks if growth spurts have happened or that tie has mysteriously disappeared...again).

There's a big rack of gently used grey pants on sale for only $10 each and stock of brand new hardy backpacks that have been marked down to $65 (regular retail price $130). You can also pick up some fun summer camping items - dish sets and metal Mulgrave mugs.

Cheerful volunteers are happy to help you out at the M Store Mondays 8:00-9:30am, Wednesdays 2:30-4:00pm, and Fridays 8:00-9:30am.

Last call for the M Store survey! Share your thoughts and you could win a Mulgrave prize package!

MVP Executive 2019-2020

ImageThe Mulgrave Volunteer Parent Association Annual General Meeting took place this morning. Please click here for a list of Executive Members for the 2019-2020 school year.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to all of our MVP volunteers. The efforts of the Executive Committee, regular parent volunteers in the Library, Cafeteria, and M Store, as well as those who support special events is so critical to our community success.

Summer Programme for Grade 7 and Up

This summer, even though uniforms will be somewhere deep in the closet, the school will still be very much alive with students and learning.

A variety of programmes including math, language, and science boosts all offer a great opportunity to improve Upper School students' language skills, science understanding, and math proficiency. There are also chances for teens to flex their creative muscles; build a remote control car, test out special effects make-up skills, or give photography and digital art a try.

For the more adventurous, there's a hiking and survival skills camp, as well as fencing. Or, perhaps leadership is more fitting...hone public speaking skills or build entrepreneurial spirit in a business bootcamp.

Camps run throughout the month of July and are available in half day or full day sessions to suit your schedule. Explore the offerings

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