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Student Wellbeing

During this time of physical distancing, it is critically important that the full spectrum of wellbeing - from physical to social and emotional - is considered.

Our Upper School Heads Up Club has compiled a list of resources and ideas to help students maintain balance, connection, and fun.

Be sure to also check out the Outdoor Ed at Home website for activities for all doesn't take a multi-day expedition to enjoy and benefit from the great outdoors!

Parents: Resources to Support Your Child

We recommend that parents check in with their child every day to find out how their day went, ensure their activities and interests are maintained, support appropriate relationships with their peers, and create time and space for connections within your household.

Children of all ages may feel anxious about the uncertainty of the current situation. Here are a few resources that may aid your conversations:

Mulgrave’s Counsellors will continue to meet with students 1-to-1 remotely. The team will reach out and book meetings with additional students when referred by teachers, advisors, peers, or parents. If parents feel their child would benefit from counselling support, please complete this form.

The Power of Play

Play offers the opportunity to master life skills and foster brain development, problem solving abilities, and creativity. It encourages communication and the formation of identity, while offering a vehicle to process emotions and manage anxiety - no matter your age! Here are a few resources on the topic: