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Last Friday, Grade 6 students, Hanna and Aria, showed a few pictures they had taken to their teacher. She thought they were very good and advised the girls to go visit our Communications Manager, Laura Darch, to see if they could be included in Connexions. Thoroughly impressed with their work, we're excited to share their amazing photography and reflection with our community!

Student Contributors: Hanna Y, Aria R, Raihan H, Ava W, Kevin E, and Nika B.

Picture one: "This picture is important because it was taken on Mulgrave’s LGBTQ community positive sidewalk. That is important to Mulgrave as a community because we try to be inclusive, respectful, and appreciative to all races and genders as we are a diverse community. It's also important because we took it in front of the totem pole. This represents Mulgrave strong appreciation to the Musqueam, Stath Wah tuth and Squamish Coast Salish peoples. We are thankful because they let us, as a Mulgrave community, live, work, and play on their land." 

Picture two: "This picture was taken right in front of the Mulgrave sign in the Senior school. We think this picture represents Mulgrave's beautiful environment due to the beautiful surroundings in the picture. Hanna made sure that she took the photo at the exact time Aria was in the air, which gave it more impact." 

Picture three: "In this picture, we have Kevin, Raihan, Nika, Ava, and Aria and it was taken by Hanna. It represents friendships at Mulgrave and our connections. As a Mulgrave community, we support everyone’s diversity and make sure everyone feels included in a safe and happy environment." 


As the excitement builds for our IB Arts Reception, Make Your Mark, we're showcasing a couple of our artists who will be sharing their work.

Enjoy the Q&A with Linda and Leo and make sure to RSVP to the reception on March 12th. 

Linda: "Music will be my best companion..."

How has music helped you in the DP?

Music as a Group 6 course has been the most unique of my course selections. It combines musical performance, theory, and analysis, which has really enriched my learning experience during the DP years.

Tell us about something you found fascinating and/or inspiring in your music studies.

My favourite part about studying music, besides performing music from different genres, is MLI — an assignment investigating the musical links between pieces coming from two different cultures. I examined the commonalities between Bach’s The Goldberg Variation from Germany and '16 Ban' in Xian Suo Bei Kao, which is a Guzheng piece composed in China. It was an enriching experience to compare the similarities between pieces composed in different time periods and geographical locations.

How do you see music continuing to be a part of your life?

Though having played the piano for fourteen years before, I have learned much more about the mechanism and history of music in these two years, and I can see music continuing to play an important role in my life in the future. It will be my best companion, supporting me, helping me release stress, alleviating negative emotions, and building friendships with those who also love music as a part of life that one cannot be deprived of. 

Leo: "I think my style is leaning towards minimalism."

How has taking Visual Art helped you in the DP?

Visual Art is a very challenging DP course when combined with other subjects. Because of the workload that requires many hours to complete, the time left to spend on other subjects is minimal. Therefore, I honestly had a very difficult time in this course. However, because of this, I was able to understand and improve my time management to a great extent. I had a good grasp on how much time I needed to spend on each subject to achieve my goals, while still leaving time to produce the best artwork possible. In the end, I think I have succeeded. 

Describe the project you enjoyed the most. 

All of my projects are very experimental-based, meaning they were developed from a basic concept or intention, by repeated trial and error and use of intuition, to form the final piece. My favourite project has to be 'Ladder'. It is a small 3D project in which I attempted to explore the use of repetition and creation of space. I was very pleased with the outcome, as I have stacked hexagon shapes cut from wood to create positive and negative space, which provides unique spatial quality visually when observed from different angles. 

Have you developed a style as an artist? How would you describe your style?

Throughout these years of developing in Art, I have formed my own style as an artist and designer. Although intuition is my main method in design, I always make plans and drafts to ensure the process leading to the final piece is clear and smooth. I think my style is leaning towards minimalism, however not completely. Whether intentional or not, this style came from always wanting to express something personal, or experimenting with new materials. In the end, I want to present the result in a visually clear and simple way that allows audiences to be attached to the work very quickly, while not overwhelming them. 

RSVP to Make Your Mark today!


Grade 6 student, Jenna R., has always loved animals. At age six, she started asking for small donations to the SPCA instead of birthday presents at her birthday parties - a tradition she continues to this day. She wanted to do more, so took some classes at the SPCA to learn about helping animals. For the last three years, she has raised even more money by participating in National Cupcake Day. She bakes cupcakes every February to sell and then donates the money to the SPCA. Also, instead of getting an allowance for her chores, she's decided to donate that money, which is $20 a month.

In total, she has raised about $2500 over the last five years!

In November, the SPCA called Jenna's mother because they wanted to nominate Jenna for a Canucks award. The award recognises children who go above and beyond to help their community. A month later, the SPCA called again, saying the Canucks and defensive player, Alexander Edler, wanted to honour Jenna at a home game by giving her family four tickets, showcasing Jenna on the Jumbotron and meeting Alexander in-person after the game. Jenna was super excited!

At the game, the announcer welcomed Jenna and commended her fundraising efforts. In the second period, her face was on the Jumbotron, and after the game, a Canuck representative came brought Jenna and her family behind the scenes for tour. They met Alexander Edler and he thanked Jenna for her amazing support to help animals. What a night!  






Last week, our Grade 10s went to Manning Park for a few days of winter camping. Memories were made, snow was shovelled, and friendships blossomed (you can't help but bond when it's really, really cold) on this annual outdoor education trip. Kayley C. reflects on this  classic Canadian experience:

"At winter camp, we went skate skiing, skating on a pond, tobogganing, snowshoeing, made snow kitchens, slept in -12 degree weather, and more. I personally enjoyed the snowshoeing hike the most, as it had such beautiful views, and we played a couple games along the way. I also really enjoyed skating on the pond. Even though I'm an absolutely terrible skater, it was fun to watch others play hockey after clearing the snow off the ice. Me and a few others were also having snowball fights and were burying our friends. I didn't get the chance to go tobogganing, but I heard it was great too!

My favourite memory would probably be the complete shock and appreciation we were in when we opened our doors to the cabins for the first night. We were all expecting something way worse, but there was a kitchen, bathrooms, and beds! We all had a great sleep.

Through this experience, our group as a whole learned a couple things: Don't make a gourmet meal, the birds will steal all your food, and when the teachers tell you to bring more than one pair of gloves, listen to them!

I would probably go winter camping again, now that I know what to expect. But I don't think I'd go any longer than this winter camp."


Mulgrave's annual Grade 7 Science Fair provides students with the perfect opportunity to conduct an experiment based on their own interests. The project begins with curiosity and then takes students on a journey of self-directed discovery, making science relevant and really, really fun!

The Grade 7s set up their displays Wednesday and Thursday with excitement and enthusiasm. Parents, teachers, and staff toured the Fair Thursday evening, asking students questions and praising their hard work. 

We approached a few students to ask them about their project and the overall experience. Here's what they said:

"My project was an investigation and comparison of different baseball bat materials' power. The best part of working on my project was making the poster board because I felt very proud and accomplished." - Cameron M.

"I compared the different effects different types of fish tanks have on water quality in a home aquarium. I really enjoyed learning about biology and my topic. I think that this is a new interest for me that I may pursue in the future, considering how much I enjoyed this process. I was also able to practice the skills of resilience, perseverance, and time management throughout the process. I also enjoyed learning about myself and my peers. I think I found a new interest of mine, and I learned a lot about my classmates and their interests. This was a fun part of the experience as I was able to connect and share an experience with others, as well as learning something about myself, and of course, fish! - Emma L.

"My science project was an investigation into the best materials to protect plants from oil spills. My favourite part was the actual experiment. I enjoyed both designing my experiment and collecting the data." - Aiden W.

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April 20, 2018

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