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Alumni Mentorship Programme


  • To provide a mutually beneficial Mentorship Programme for Grade 10-12 students and Mulgrave alumni. Mentors will provide leadership and advice, allowing mentees to develop skills and gain better insight into their field of interest. Mentors will develop strong mentorship skills and will be able to “give back” to the Mulgrave community by sharing their knowledge and expertise with aspiring students.
  • To host 1-2 mentorship and/or networking-style events for students and alumni per calendar year.
  • To provide a platform for building long-term professional relationships and ongoing communication for students and alumni, even after students graduate.

Mentorship process

Student Mentorship

At the end of this academic year, our mentors will be introduced to their mentees. The mentors will be paired with mentees based on their field of work and experience or based on personality connections and interests.

The programme is designed to provide mentees with knowledge and expertise in their desired field. The mentors develop a one-on-one relationship that is professionally relevant and meaningful.

Mentors/mentees are encouraged to communicate regularly (via social media, phone or email) and have one face-to-face meeting every quarter.

This programme is an individualised one that connects mentees with knowledgeable and passionate mentors to help guide them through their career-related and life goals.

How to apply

As this is the first year of the program, we are looking for 10 mentors to help launch this initiative.

  • Applications are due February 23, 2018. You can find the application form here: Application Form
  • Mentors selected will be contacted by March 2, 2018
Why Be A Mentor?

No one reaches their goals alone. We all are supported by the encouraging people who help us along the way. As a Mulgrave alumni mentor, you will have the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and insight to a Mulgrave student who is excited and interested in learning more about life after high school. Through your experience as a mentor, we are confident that you will benefit from the satisfaction that comes from helping others. Mentoring is a meaningful way to stay connected to the Mulgrave community and enhance the success of current and future Mulgrave alumni. Thank you for your consdieration.