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Alumni Class Reps

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
-Margaret Mead-

Mulgrave’s journey began with a small, dedicated group of people who saw the need to create a unique community of learners. A committed group of volunteers, Mulgrave’s Class Reps continue to foster this vision within the alumni community. 

The team listed below works on behalf of each graduating class to keep our alumni community connected. Be sure to take a moment to reach out and reconnect with the representative for your grad class.

Mulgrave Alumni Class Reps

  • Alyssa Houghton (Class of 2004) 
  • Zoe Griffiths (Class of 2007)
  • Chloe Scott (Class of 2009) 
  • Mackenzie Wallster (Class of 2013) 
  • Carl Steffens (Class of 2016) 
  • Zoe Kortje (Class of 2010) 
  • Erin Christy (Class of 2005) 
  • Matt Cullen (Class of 2008) 
  • Alex Bleim (Class of 2010) 
  • Sophia Gupta (Class of 2014) 
  • Shanil Verjee (Class of 2017) 
  • Christe Yang (Class of 2020) 
  • Alex Laio (Class of 2005) 
  • Lauren Koenig (Class of 2008) 
  • Hana Turner (Class of 2011) 
  • Connor Hughes (Class of 2014) 
  • Aiden Carere (Class of 2018) 
  • Garrett Young (Class of 2006) 
  • Andrew Chalmers (Class of 2008) 
  • Kate Shepard (Class of 2012) 
  • Cam Henderson (Class of 2015) 
  • Caroline Sinclaire (Class of 2019) 
  • Brandon Ayers (Class of 2007) 
  • Nima Jelveh (Class of 2009) 
  • Devon Yip (Class of 2013) 
  • Anniqa Karmali (Class of 2016)
  • Azad Dharamsi (Class of 2020) 

For contact information for Class Reps, please email