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Past Nominations

The Candidates

Below we have included the candidates from the 2018 Alum of the Year Award. These were some exemplary candidates for the award. Candidates of this award embody Mulgrave School’s mission statement and values; not only do they find inspiration to pursue excellence in their own life, they are also continuously inspiring others to do the same. They are the epitome of a ‘life-long learner’, demonstrating curiosity, creativity and innovative thinking in all that they do. Examples of ideal candidates may include an individual who is a practicing entrepreneur, earning a post-graduate degree in his or her field of study, doing outstanding service-based work (locally, or internationally), pursuing a career or side-career in the arts or athletics, or actively engaged in any combination of the four strands.


Elizabeth Hendren

Elizabeth graduated from Mulgrave in 2005. She completed her MD and earned a Bachelors in Science from the University of British Columbia (UBC) before continuing her studies at the University of Toronto. During her undergrad at UBC, she founded international service trips to countries like Kenya, Uganda, and India. While there, she set up projects for small communities in the form of education, healthcare, and micro-finance projects.

She has been diagnosed with Otosclerosis (a form of hearing loss) and despite the dificulties this has caused, she continues to pursue her goal of obtaining a masters in clinical epidemiology. Elizabeth currently focuses on utilizing her team leadership skills to coach junior residents and providing the best service for her patients during her residency.

Aliya Bhatia

Aliya graduated from Mulgrave in 2004. She completed her Bachelors in Commerce from Ryerson Univeristy, specialising in Tourism and Hospitality.

After finishing her degree, Aliya went onto become the General Manger for Hampton Inn and Suites in Downtown Vancouver. In addition, Aliya has successfully helped organise the annual World Partnership Golf Tournament since 2014.

Aliya has also recently founded an entrepreneurial venture called PawSwap that facilitates the connection of dog owners throughout Vancouver.

In addition, Aliya is the co-founder of the RENEWu conference focused at bringing an inspiring and new perspective of equality to entrepreneurship.

Ghazal Aghagoli

Ghazal graduated from Mulgrave in 2015. She is currently completing her Bachelors in Science, with a major in neuroscience, at Brown University.

During her time at Brown, she has been admitted as an early entrant to the Sigma Xi Honour Society in recognition of her academic performance. She has taken part in three projects as a research assistant for Brown's Centre for the Study of Children at risk. She co-founded Browns Opioid Activist group in order to help fight the opioid crisis. Ghazal was chosen to become part of the Brown EMS programme, providing volunteer- based ambulance services. She also was recruited to become a part of the Iranian National Junior Rifle team for her performance with sharpshooting.

Matthew Cullen

Matthew graduated from Mulgrave in 2008. He completed his degree in history and French before obtaining his Diploma in Sports Broadcasting.

Matthew currently works as a sports broadcaster at CBC in Toronto.

Matthew is a sports commentator for Rogers TV, as well as for the Steelheads Hockey Club. He has been a digital editor for the CFL and a sports writer for CBC.

Most notably among these achievements is Matthew's involvement in this past winter's Olympic Games. Matthew participated as a live commentator for multiple sports for the CBC in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Melissa Godin

Melissa graduated from Mulgrave in 2013. She then participated in the Sciences Po program while attending New York University, obtaining her bachelor's degree in Global Liberal Studies. During her time abroad, she interned at the Canadian Embassy in Paris, working in the political affairs branch. Melissa then founded the Not A Saviour podcast, which focuses on providing people with a way to be engaged in humanitarian efforts.

These efforts gained the attention of Oxford University, and Melissa received a Rhodes Scholarship in 2017. She is now studying Developmental Studies at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Stefanie Lewis

Stefanie graduated from Mulgrave in 2005. She then went on to acquire her Bachelor of Science in physics at the University of Glasgow. Following this, she went on to obtain her PhD in nuclear physics. She has authored several publications on the topics of nuclear physics and computer optimisation.

Stefanie currently lives Eindhoven, the Netherlands and wishes to obtain her licensing in patent law. She recognises that there are difficulties for women entering STEM (sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics) programmes as there are too few women in the field. She encourages everyone to follow their passions, despite obstacles that they might face.