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Alum of the Year

In the short lifespan of the alumni association, our graduates have shown they are capable of incredible things. The Alum of the Year award celebrates the contributions made by an alum within his or her particular field of interest, whether academic, athletic, artistic or service-based, and highlights the continuous pursuit of excellence in education and life that defines a Mulgrave alum.

The Candidates

Candidates of this award embody Mulgrave School’s mission statement and values; not only do they find inspiration to pursue excellence in their own life, they are also continuously inspiring others to do the same. They are the epitome of a ‘life-long learner’, demonstrating curiosity, creativity and innovative thinking in all that they do. Examples of ideal candidates may include an individual who is a practicing entrepreneur, earning a post-graduate degree in his or her field of study, doing outstanding service-based work (locally, or internationally), pursuing a career or side-career in the arts or athletics, or actively engaged in any combination of the four strands. Click here to see the candidates from 2018. 

The Nomination Process

If you would like to nominate someone for the 2019 Alum of the Year Award. Here's how:

STEP 1: Review Eligibility, Criteria & Process

Eligibility, Criteria, Process


  • The candidate must be a Mulgrave graduate (though in future years, this may change to anyone who has attended Mulgrave for two or more years).
  • Current members of the Alumni Advisory Board cannot be nominated. These individuals are eligible for nomination one year after stepping down from their role.


This award recognises a Mulgrave alum who has demonstrated excellence, leadership, and innovation in his or her field.

The nominee will possess some (if not all) of the following qualities:

  • They are lifelong learners.
  • They have overcome adversity and demonstrated persistence to achieve their goals.
  • They use innovation and creativity to achieve their goals.
  • Their efforts and contributions have had a positive impact on society.
  • They are respected in their chosen field.


  • A nomination form will be open to the Mulgrave community each year in December.
  • A candidate can be nominated by any member of the Mulgrave community (including alumni, present and past teachers, parents, or students).
  • Candidates can be self-nominated.
  • Nominations must be submitted by March 15, 2019.
  • Once nominations are in, the Alumni Advisory Board will share profiles of the candidates with the Mulgrave community.
  • Voting will open and members of the Mulgrave community will have the opportunity to vote.
  • Voting will be open from April 1st to May 1st.
  • Taking into consideration all votes, the Alumni Advisory Board will announce the Alum of the Year.
  • The Alum of the Year will be recognised in the following ways:
    - An advertisement in the Globe & Mail highlighting their success and contributions.
    - Announcements over Mulgrave's social media channels, weekly newsletter, and our Alumni Cypress Magazine.
    - A plaque presented at the Grade 12 Convocation Ceremony that will be kept in the Archive Room at Mulgrave School.


Step 2: Fill out the Nomination Form to Nominate an Alum

Nomination Form

Complete the nomination form to nominate an alum.