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As an alumni, you are an important part of the Mulgrave story. Though you may roam far and wide from the hills of our North Shore mountains, you remain connected to the Mulgrave community through the relationships, experiences, and memories you have created.

Our Mission

To build and sustain our Mulgrave community of past, present, and future students, families, faculty, and staff.

Mulgrave Connect

Mulgrave Connect is an easy-to-use social networking platform where our alumni can find one another and share their own personal and professional journeys. 

To connect with fellow Mulgravians, follow the link here


Mulgrave's alumni are spread throughout the world, where they continue to 'inspire excellence in education and life'. Our students graduate from our campus, not from our community - once a Mulgravian, always a Mulgravian! 

Mulgrave alumni bonds remain strong well after students graduate. Connections are created and strengthened by attending events, connecting with current students, serving as a volunteer, acting as a career and network advisor, or by being an ambassador for the school.  

We encourage alumni to connect with one another at events and through our alumni social networking platforms. Join the conversation and discover the many ways you can benefit from ongoing engagement with the Mulgrave community. Please contact our Alumni Office at for updates, feedback, or more information about Mulgrave’s alumni programme.