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A Day in The Life of Mulgrave

The 2020 contest is now closed, and we have incredible winning images! Keep up your creative shooting Mulgrave has been a pleasure to share a day in the life of Mulgrave with you. 


Overall Winner

Winning Pins

Category Winners

  • Received a certificate, pin and $40 gift card. 

Runners-up Winners

  • Runners-up received a pin and certificate + plaque for overall runner up. 

Highly Commended

  • Highly commended winners receive a certificate. 

12th Annual Photography Contest 

May 8th, 2020


We invite participants from Grades 7-12 to take the opportunity to chronicle these unique circumstances and visually express in photography how our amazing community of students, staff, faculty and parents embody our core values as we continue with our school day - a ‘day in the life’ of Mulgrave. 


  • All photographs must be taken on Friday May 8th, between 12:01am and midnight that day. Photos that are verified to have been taken at any other time will not be counted. 

  • Privacy is an important issue and must be respected. All participants must receive express permission from each subject who appears in their submitted photographs. 

  • All images must appropriate subject material for display and be ‘cool for school’ 

  • Each participating student  may submit a maximum of 7 images. 

  • All Grades 7-12 students are encouraged to participate, and art teachers are requesting all art students must participate in order to practise their skills. 

  • Entries may be digitally enhanced using post-production techniques, but the original photo must be their own work. 

  • Entries may be submitted from Friday May 8th up to 4pm Tuesday, May 12th. Any attempts to submit after this time will not be counted. 

  • Entries must  be posted on the A Day in the Life of Mulgrave Padlet in order to be considered for judging: follow the link here.

  • Participants will be required to obtain a Padlet account and use their real name, (not ‘Anonymous’) for their post to be counted as an entry. 

  • Entries may be submitted in .JPG or .HEIC format. 

  • In addition to their real name, entries must be titled and labelled with the participant’s grade e.g.:

  • Entries must have a hashtag associated to be considered for the 5 categories #Portrait, #Connecting, #Nature, #Action, #StillLife.


Judges will consider entries and award prizes to what they collectively agree is the best example of the following:

  • #Portrait: No selfies allowed. Photos must be of yourself or another human. Get creative about how you can capture a portrait of someone during quarantine, e.g. reflections, windows, mirrors, screens, shadows, self-timer.

  • #Connecting: How has COVID 19 changed the way we connect? Find a way to capture what this means to you. You could explore themes such as family, friendship, school spirit, house shirt/colour, and connection to your community with a new perspective.

  • #Nature: Explore your connection with nature and what that means under these new circumstances. Consider subjects such as landscape, a garden, your balcony, pets, sunsets, etc.

  • #Action:  Express favourite activities e.g. sports, dance, playing music and movement.

  • #Still Life: Shoot a composition with items such as comforting familiar objects, food, instruments, supplies, books... anything that means something to you.  


  • Consider lighting when shooting your photographs, will you choose natural light, camera flash? Create interesting shadows with  lamps or flashlights?

  • Move around and get above or below your subject to find interesting angles. 

  • Consider depth of field using your camera’s Aperture Priority (Av or A) setting, or your phone’s ‘portrait mode’.

  • Think about composition and focus. What do you want your viewers to notice first , and how will their eye travel around the image?

  • Consider digitally enhancing your photo with subtle shifts in contrast, balance, colour saturation.  Many students are currently working with PhotoShop and SnapSeed, use your new skills, or the simple editing options available on your phone or computer. 


Judges this year will be Ms Berns, Ms Cunningham, Mr Fabin, Ms Han, Mr Jones, Mr Kennedy, Mr Kristen, Mr Olnyk and Ms Plottel.

Judges’ decisions are final.

Students will be able to indicate appreciation by adding a ‘heart’ to a post but not comment directly or participate in judging.


The competition is an amazing way to share your creativity and unique perspective with the community. There are also gift card prizes available of $40 for each of the 5 categories plus an overall top prize of $90!