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House Structure

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Mulgrave School has four House Teams to which each student is assigned. House competitions and events are arranged in the Junior, Middle, and Senior Schools throughout the year with an emphasis on participation and enjoyment. 

While our house structure has been a part of Mulgrave for many years, in 2022, students initiated a process to update the house names to be more relevant to our times and values. Following a consultative process, student leaders decided on the theme of ‘local’ animals and Junior School students set out to research options, practice persuasive communication, and ultimately vote on their favourites. Family members are all part of the same house. 

In partnership with members of Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation) we are very excited to share our house graphics, created by Ryan Johnston, and the stories and symbolism of the animals as told by Sx̱wálhkin (Pete Natrall). We extend our deep gratitude both for the gorgeous artwork, wisdom, and guidance.

Sp'a'ḵw'us | Eagle

Indigenous graphic for Eagle House

Sp'a'ḵw'us is considered to be a messenger of our thoughts and prayers to the creator and it is believed to have the ability to fly between the physical and spiritualworld to carry these messages. The feather is very sacred and is used in various cultural ceremonies and regalia for many First Nations.

Yèyews | Orca

Indigenous graphic for Orca House

Yèyews are highly social, intelligent, and family-oriented and will spend a lifetime with their pod. They are considered to be guardians of the sea and are well respected for their strong family ties and social group behaviour.

Nsx̱íp'im | Hawk

Indigenous graphic for Hawk House

Nsx̱íp'im is known for its speed, energy, and ability to fly effortlessly. They are considered a protector of the sky who provides personal insight and is a messenger of a higher state of consciousness and observation.

Takaya | Wolf

Indigenous graphic for Wolf House

Takaya symbolises loyalty, family and community. They are social, communicative creatures, hunt in packs. Being very family-oriented, they watch over their young and protect their elders. They are fierce, strong, social, and loyal animals.