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Layers of Learning showcases the diversity of our students’ interests and talents and emphasises the importance of our balanced approach to education.

We know students who engage in multi-faceted learning experiences not only broaden their horizons, but also strengthen the skills needed to excel in their studies and throughout their lives.

Add the further layer of our commitment to our school’s values and you have this multi-dimensional look at Mulgravians.

Learn more about:

Senior School Learning

As students move into the Senior School, we strive to grow creative, critical, and independent thinkers with the flexibility of thought best suited to the changing world that they will inhabit, and that we believe they will change for the better as young adults. Learn more about the Senior School. 

Middle School Learning

Mulgrave is a wonderful place for young people to learn and develop as individuals. Our Middle School appreciates and celebrates the complex physical, social-emotional and academic development of our Grade 7-9 students. Learn more about the Middle School. 

Junior School Learning

Meticulous care for the individual and a deep passion for learning characterise all of our teachers, but in the Junior School those elements are coupled with a focus on inquiry, collaboration, and curiosity. Learn more about the Junior School

Early Years Learning

Our programme incorporates the IB Primary Years Programme transdisciplinary themes to foster learning opportunities that promote the development of learners who are caring, communicative, inquiring, adventurous, balanced, thoughtful, principled, reflective, open minded, and knowledgeable. Learn more about the Early Years