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Layers of Learning showcases the diversity of our students’ interests and talents and emphasises the importance of our balanced approach to education.

We know students who engage in multi-faceted learning experiences not only broaden their horizons, but also strengthen the skills needed to excel in their studies and throughout their lives.

Add the further layer of our commitment to our school’s values and you have this multi-dimensional look at Mulgravians.

Learn more about:

Senior School Learning

As students move into the Senior School, we strive to grow creative, critical, and independent thinkers with the flexibility of thought best suited to the changing world that they will inhabit, and that we believe they will change for the better as young adults. Learn more about the Senior School. 


I would describe myself as a hardworking student. I strive for my personal best in the classroom and aim to help those around me. I really do believe that if you put in the work, all of your goals are attainable. For almost my entire life, I have been passionate about sports - basketball especially - and it's taught me the true meaning of hard work and that if you really want something, regardless of your situation, hard work and determination can help you achieve it. I love the sense of community that we have here at Mulgrave. Whether it’s on the basketball court or in the classroom, I always feel like I am part of a family. Our small classes allow me to engage with my classmates and teachers, which makes learning so much easier.


I describe myself as a hardworking and motivated student who wants to do well academically, but I also genuinely enjoy all the things I do outside of just academics. Some of those things include the Mulgrave Emergency Response Team, piano, dance (traditional Chinese dance along with KPop), World Scholar's Cup, and competitive shooting. The thing that stands out to me the most about Mulgrave is the willingness of all members of the school to help out one another - whether it be a student seeking further feedback from a teacher or searching for advice from a peer. Mulgrave has been welcoming from the very beginning. (The campus is pretty nice, too.)


My favourite subjects are English and biology, and I'm involved in a lot of activities. At Mulgrave, I am on the Sr. Girls Cross Country Team, Grade 12 Student Board, and the Mulgrave Emergency Response Team. I play violin with the Senior Youth Orchestra at the VSO School of Music and am studying Grade 10 and ARCT RCM level music. I am passionate about dance and really enjoy performing. I also love to run outside and hike, as I like to get lots of exercise and enjoy being outdoors. Being part of my community is important to me, so I volunteer at the Amica Elderly Care Centre and also volunteer and work at the Delbrook Community Centre as a camp leader - being around the kids is an amazing experience! I also busk with my violin around the city, as it helps me overcome stage fright!

Middle School Learning

Mulgrave is a wonderful place for young people to learn and develop as individuals. Our Middle School appreciates and celebrates the complex physical, social-emotional and academic development of our Grade 7-9 students. Learn more about the Middle School. 


I love performing arts, and I play the trumpet in the school band, as well as some piano outside school. This summer I went to a Scout Jamboree and tried axe throwing...I really want to try it again! The best part of Mulgrave is the Library because they have lots of great fantasy books.


Outside of school, I love to dance. I'm also involved in band and choir at school. As a student, I think I'm pretty organised...and social, too! The best thing about Mulgrave is the opportunities that we get here.


I am a passionate piano and badminton player, and I plan to play basketball this year. I also look forward to joining the K-Pop Dance Team because I like to dance in my spare time. I consider myself to be pretty social, but sometimes I like to sit back and listen to learn from my peers. Mulgrave has a really friendly learning environment and enthusiastic teachers!

Junior School Learning

Meticulous care for the individual and a deep passion for learning characterise all of our teachers, but in the Junior School those elements are coupled with a focus on inquiry, collaboration, and curiosity. Learn more about the Junior School


I used to be a shy boy, but with all the encouragement from my teachers, I became energetic and more confident. Now I consider myself to be enthusiastic and curious. I do a lot of activities including rugby, swimming, Young Movie Makers, singing, taekwondo, hip hop, DJ'ing, and piano. I love that we have so many interesting subjects at school.


I love hanging out with my friends, reading books, and also writing stories. I enjoy the outdoors where I go biking, hiking, or skiing with my family. But the best of them all is skateboarding; it is a great way to get outside and get some exercise. One day I hope I will be good enough to enter a skateboard competition. Mulgrave is the best school ever - one of my favourite things is how the teachers are so kind, and they help you pursue your passions.


I'm energetic, passionate and inquisitive! My favourite subject is math (in particular dividing and multiplying decimals), and I love my co-curriculars...breakdancing, Young Movie Makers, Hip Hop dance, and basketball. I'd describe myself as kind, brave, and confident, as well as a loyal friend.

Early Years Learning

Our programme incorporates the IB Primary Years Programme transdisciplinary themes to foster learning opportunities that promote the development of learners who are caring, communicative, inquiring, adventurous, balanced, thoughtful, principled, reflective, open minded, and knowledgeable. Learn more about the Early Years


I am very interested in learning and am inquisitive and my favourite subject at school is science. Outside school, I play hockey and golf. I think I'm gentle, but still crazy and fun!


My favourite thing at school is Show and Share. I think I'm brave, and I'm nice to my friends and new students. I love learning at Mulgrave!


I love playing with trains, and also swimming and soccer. When it comes to school, I can be pretty serious. The best thing about Mulgrave is...everything!