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Grade 7-11 Admissions

Applying to Grades 7-11 at Mulgrave

Here you will find information about the application process for students entering Grade 7 to Grade 11.

About our Middle and Senior School Programme

  • We run the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) in Grades 7-10 and the Diploma Programme (DP) in Grades 11 and 12.
  • In Grade 7, we increase our grade size to 80; in Grade 8, we grow to 84. This intake allows for a good number of spaces to be available to outside applicants. It is a perfect time to make the transition to Mulgrave as all of our students are transitioning into the Middle School at that time.
  • Admission into Grade 9 is only possible if there is attrition.
  • Grade 10 is the last year of the MYP and is excellent preparation for the Diploma Programme ahead. We have the option of growing the grade, so it is a good opportunity to join the Mulgrave community.
  • Grade 11 is the first year of the DP and can be challenging if the student is not already in an International Baccalaureate programme. Please contact an admissions officer to learn more about the students who are able to make a smooth transition.

*Please note that due to the constraints of the Diploma Programme, we do not accept students into Grade 12.

Scholarship Opportunities for Applicants to Grades 8 and Above

Mulgrave School is pleased to let you know that we we offer scholarships of up to 100% of fees for students entering Grades 8-11 who reside on the North Shore of Vancouver. To learn more, please click here.

Grades 7-9

Students applying for G7-9 are highly involved in the decision to come to Mulgrave. Highly motivated and informed applicants are often the most successful at navigating through the process.

Grades 10-11

Students applying for G10-11 typically drive the decision to come to Mulgrave. It is a high-touch process that provides our applicants with many opportunities to visit the school and meet our advisors.

The Admissions Process for Grade 7-11 Applicants

To apply to Grades 7-11, you should begin the application process in the fall prior to the year of entrance.

Step 1: To Start

Schedule a visit - We encourage you to visit our school so that you can experience the Mulgrave difference for yourself. You are welcome to attend one of our Admissions events or you can schedule a private tour with one of the members of our Admissions team. We have a special Middle School Visiting Day, so be sure to check out our Visiting Mulgrave page.

Step 2: When You're Ready

Apply online - Once you have decided to pursue admission to Mulgrave, you will need to complete our online application.

Step 3: Thank you for applying!

Email confirmation - You will receive a confirmation email once you have completed the application and clicked the ‘submit’ button. If you do not receive that email within 24 hours, please contact us by emailing

If you would like to access the step-by-step guide for our application, please click here

Step 4: The Follow Up

Submit documents - Please access your dashboard to learn about the rest of the steps in the application process. 

Family Reference Letter - To support your child's application, we recommend that you supplement your application with a letter of reference. It can be professional or personal. We ask that you only submit one letter per application.

Confidential Teacher Observation Form - This form (linked on your dashboard) is very helpful for the Admissions Committee, but we understand that many teachers, particularly in the local public schools, will not complete it. Our preference is for your child's teacher to complete this form. If that is not possible, you can request a student reference letter from a coach or tutor, focussing on your child's overall organisational skills, maturity, focus, and growth. 

Step 5: Assessments

SSAT - Applicants to Grades 7-11 should register for the Secondary School Admission Test. You must provide Mulgrave’s code (5263) when you register in order for the test results to be sent to us. It is recommended that you register for a test date in or before February.

As a complement to the SSAT, we require applicants to complete the Character Skills Snapshot. This new online assessment tool  illuminates strength and potential in important non-cognitive areas. It is free with your SSAT registration.

Student Questionnaire - Students applying for Grades 7-11 should download our applicant questionnaire and submit it as part of the documentation or at the time of your interview.

Student Interview - Individual interviews with the divisional principal or vice-principal will be scheduled based on anticipated space and applicants’ qualifications. An in-house assessment and writing sample will often be requested as part of the process.

We have passed all of our application deadlines, but we still have a few places in select grades for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please contact Admissions at 604-922-3223 for more information.

Learn More

Please click here to fill out a short contact form. We will be happy to call you back with more information about Mulgrave and help you to register for one of our upcoming Admissions events.

Applicants from outside BC & Canada

Do you live and attend school outside BC or Canada? Please read this document to learn more about our requirements. (Mandarin language document also available here).

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