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Finding the right fit for post-secondary study is a deeply personal experience for our graduates. Through self-reflection and joint exploration with their university counsellor and loved ones, they are able to hone in on the things in their orbit to which they are most drawn. That might be programmes of study, extra-curricular passions, or personal connections that they hold dear.

Sometimes, the answers are obvious, and other times, they take more effort to tease out from the plethora of options. Regardless, each student has put a great deal of consideration into creating a future that is the perfect fit for them. Explore their stories below through behind-the-scenes photoshoot videos and written summaries. Discover the full list of 2022 university acceptances here.

Check out our Class of 2021 and Class of 2020 and how they, too, found their fit. 

Programme Options
Our Senior students may choose to follow either the IB Diploma Programme or an Enriched Pathway to graduation. In the Enriched Pathway, they customise their programme with selected IB courses and BC Provincial courses in order to pursue their commitments to athletics, the arts, or other interests. These students benefit from the rigour of our IB programme and create a balance that allows them to manage demands on their time while excelling in other areas of their education.