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Financial Assistance

Personalised family fee structures for students entering Grades 7-11.

As a school committed to inclusion, our goal is to continue to attract a diverse student body united in our school values and with a shared passion for an international style  education, global citizenship, and a holistic approach to learning.

Through a more personalised approach to fees and tuition (reduction, payment plan, or deferral), we look to provide financial payment structures that meet the needs of applicants who are aligned with our mission, vision, and values, who will actively contribute to our community, and who will be able to positively benefit from the education that we offer. This flexible approach to affordability enables us to support a wide range of family circumstances.

Programme attributes:

  • Personalised approach based on aspects such as income, cost of living, debt, and health/personal considerations

  • Short-term or multi-year tuition relief with the objective of seeing students through to graduation

  • Available to new students entering Grade 7-11 who have qualified for Mulgrave admission (for existing Mulgrave families, please see our Bursary Programme)

Examples of financial assistance (may be combined):

  • Waiver or deferral of family deposit

  • Waiver or deferral of new student fees

  • Reduction of annual tuition

  • Monthly payment plan for annual tuition

For further information on Financial Assistance options and steps, please contact James Hecht at 604 913 6044 or email


Bursary (Financial Aid) Programme for Existing Mulgrave Families

The goal of Mulgrave's bursary programme is to provide temporary support to current Mulgrave families who experience unforeseen short term financial difficulties.

This assistance is meant to allow our students to remain at Mulgrave until their circumstances change or for up to three years. The amount of support offered is based on an evaluation through an independent, third-party assessor. 

The deadline for application is May 1st, annually.

For more information about our bursary programme, including directions on how to apply, please contact James Hecht in Admissions.

Application Process & Timeline

Action Timeframe

Click the 'Apply' button above and submit a general application.

Indicate on the application that you wish to be considered for Upper School Financial Assistance.

July 1, 2022 - February 1, 2023
Candidates complete admissions assessment and interviews. January - March 2023

Families of qualified candidates (based on assessment and interview results) submit financial assistance application to an independent, third-party assessor. 

Financial documents are required to help determine level and structure of fee and tuition relief.

March - May 2023

Offer of admission and financial assistance decision*

*Amount informed by the recommendation of our independent, third-party assessor in combination with the school’s budgetary resources available in a given year. 

Financial Assistance Information is treated as strictly confidential.

April - May 2023

Mulgrave’s community of families is deeply committed to offering financial assistance to those who may not otherwise view the school as an option. It is thanks to their generosity to our Momentum Annual Fund that we are able to provide these opportunities.