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We believe individual values are based on personal best and acting with respect towards others. Together as a community, we stay resilient and adaptable, relying on our values to guide and ground us. From our Early Years division to the Senior School, our values are at the core of our learning, and our students have the opportunity to explore them at every age. They draw connections to their behaviours and actions and explore how these values connect to the curriculum and content they are learning. 

Please explore the information below to learn more about our balanced approach to education, and click on the Visit Mulgrave button to book a tour or attend a virtual information session.

Our Values

At Mulgrave we believe:

  • Individual values are based on personal integrity and acting with respect towards others.
  • Our sense of community and friendship is founded on humility, empathy, commitment, and inclusion.
  • Lifelong learning is built upon curiosity, creativity, agility, and innovative thinking.
  • A global perspective and environmental and social responsibility are central to becoming true world citizens.
  • All members of our community strive for wellbeing and balance and understand that striving for one’s personal best should be enjoyable.