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Entrance Scholarships

Upper School Scholarships


Mulgrave School offers full and partial scholarships for local students entering Grades 7-11.

It is our goal to continue to attract a diverse student body united in our shared passion for international education, global citizenship, the arts, and athletics.

Entrance Scholarships are awarded to students with exceptional academic and personal achievements who would not be able to attend Mulgrave without full or partial scholarship support.

We have generous scholarships, which include up to a 100% reduction in tuition fees until graduation and a waiver of the family deposit.

As a university-preparatory school, Mulgrave offers a stimulating IB programme that helps prepare students for post-secondary education and beyond. Our graduates are supported by three full-time university guidance counsellors, and in 2021, Mulgrave graduates earned over $2 million in merit scholarships to the schools of their choice.

Eligibility criteria for an entrance scholarship includes:

  • A record of strong academic achievement
  • A commitment to service, the fine arts and/or athletics
  • Excellent assessment results
  • A successful interview with the Director of Admissions, Principal or Head of School.

Applicants must follow the regular application procedures; you will be asked to provide additional information in support of your application if you indicate that you wish to be considered for the Mulgrave Upper School Entrance Scholarship.

This scholarship is not open to students or the siblings of students currently enrolled at Mulgrave School.

For further information about our Upper School Entrance Scholarship, please contact our .


Contact Us

If you intend to apply for an Upper School Scholarship and need assistance with the application fee or other information, please contact James Hecht at 604 913 6044 or email

Application Process

  1. Click the 'Apply' button and submit a general
  2. Indicate on the application that you wish to be considered for the Upper School Entrance Scholarship. You will be asked to provide additional information in support of your application.
  3. In addition to the general application process, approved candidates must interview with the Mulgrave Admissions Manager to outline their goals for their time at Mulgrave and beyond.
  4. If offered a scholarship, you will be required to submit financial information to an independent assessor to determine the level of scholarship award.