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Choosing Between Acceptances - What's Your Best Fit?

What makes a university 'the one'?

These are the questions many high school students grapple with as they make decisions about where to apply and which offer to accept. As our current grads make their choices, we met with them to discuss how they found their match. Their words will emphasise the importance of looking past a 'brand name', of pushing aside pre-conceived ideas, and of understanding your individual priorities. Ultimately, it's all about finding the right fit.

Choosing the Right Fit

Why I Decided to Go Overseas

It's easy to be swooned by an Ivy, but does it have the programme that best fits your long-term goals? Dig deeper into the rankings and evaluate the programme itself as well as the breadth of courses offered in your desired area of focus. Do you want to enter into a specialty or explore within a general field? This should all be factored as you think about fit.
Luke Lawson
Director of University Counselling

How do you choose a business school?

What Makes a University the One?

There are many factors to consider. How do you learn best? Can you maintain your focus in a class with 200+ students or is a smaller classroom with 20 students better suited for you? Are you going into science but looking to balance that with liberal arts, or would you prefer to go into a specialty? Want to stay close to home or do you crave the opportunity to study abroad? Your honest answers to these and many other questions will help you narrow your choices and find a school that aligns with your needs and interests.

Studying in Canada

Think beyond reaching out to current students and alumni from your school. Connect with graduates from the university who are professionals in your chosen field. Look through the profile of professors for experts and interesting research happening at the university. They will all become part of your network.
Leah Verdone
Director of University Counselling

Creative Economy Essential to Our Future

The arts are increasingly recognised as a valued asset with the potential to stimulate economic growth and build social capital. Our creative industries, with the arts and cultural sector at its core, improve our capacity for innovation, leading to a more diverse, sustainable future economy. Canada's creative industries are varied – advertising, architecture, craft, design, fashion, film, information technology, software, publishing, museums, plus the performing and visual arts – and many of our grads are poised to find success in these ever-evolving fields. 

Specialised Design Programmes

Plan a visit to the campus. This will offer a great opportunity to get a feel for the culture of the school and its surroundings. Are you looking for a big campus? Is diversity important to you? No chance to visit? Many universities offer virtual campus tours and robust 'Campus Life' sections on their websites that connect prospective students with students on campus. 
Joyce Tang
University Counsellor

Unique Film Programmes

Heading to the United States

Question your pre-conceived notions. I started this process thinking I wanted to go to a school in a large coastal city. Dartmouth, my final choice, is neither in a city, nor a coast, but I love it! Keeping an open mind is the best advice I could give future grads.
Daisy Harris
-Head Girl, Class of 2017