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Welcome to Mulgrave!

Mulgrave Highlights

We are so pleased that you are interested in applying to Mulgrave. In this section of the website you’ll find everything you need to know: school philosophy and curriculum, financial information, admissions deadlines, and necessary forms. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We look forward to working with you!

There is much to explore across the pages of our website as we have much to highlight! Below are some links to a few of the elements of a Mulgrave education that we think will interest you.

From the Director

Thank you for your interest in Mulgrave. We are so pleased that you have found us and are interested in learning more about our school.
In the context of independent schools, Mulgrave School is relatively young. We were founded in 1993 by a group of forward-thinking parents who understood that there was a need for a new independent, co-educational private school on the North Shore of Vancouver.
Much has changed for Mulgrave School since those initial days, but the innovative and aspirational spirit that characterised that time period remains.
Mulgrave’s parents and dedicated leaders have worked to establish our school as a leading fully-authorised International Baccalaureate school, housed in a stunning 340,000 square foot facility on Cypress Mountain with extensive views of the ocean and city and filled with a tight-knit community of skilled teachers, committed parents and ambitious students.
Our mission statement reads ‘Inspiring Excellence in Education and Life’, and we take those words to heart. At Mulgrave, we strive to support all of our students to reach their personal best - our definition of excellence - as a means for them to become curious, respectful individuals who will thrive in our diverse and interconnected world. By presenting an inquiry-based, innovative curriculum that focuses on the development of independent thinking skills and personal character, we challenge our students to learn how to be reflective, resilient, risk-taking problem finders who work creatively and collaboratively to find solutions.
Another very important element of Mulgrave’s educational experience includes students’ involvement in our strands: arts, athletics, service and outdoor education. From after-school clubs that encompass everything from fencing to knitting for our younger students to embedded electives through which older students can rock climb, learn how be party starters as DJs, and become familiar with V-Cad (among many more!), we place a strong emphasis on giving our students the chance to pursue individual passions and balance our rigorous academic programme with activities that stimulate the mind and inspire the heart.
All of our students have a strong foundation, one that is enriched by a Mulgrave education, but one that undoubtedly originates from their families. Our parents’ generosity and engagement with the school is significant, and we are consistently impressed with how often and how many of them step forward to support Mulgrave. They model selflessness, volunteerism and philanthropy - all characteristics that we hope our students will embrace as they look to make their own mark on the world.
If this description of the Mulgrave experience is compelling to you, then we hope you will consider visiting the school to witness it for yourself. I invite you to join us at one of our Open Houses, for an individual tour, or to attend one of our Junior School Friday morning assemblies or an Upper School performance. No matter which you choose, we look forward to getting to know you better.

Elizabeth Calderon
Assistant Head of School

Meet Our Team

The Mulgrave Admissions Team

Our Admissions Team is happy to guide you through any part of the process. Please reach out to us with concerns, with requests to connect you with specialist teachers or coaches, or with any questions you may have. We are here to help!

Elizabeth Calderon
Assistant Head of School, Development
(604) 913-6041 (direct)

Rhonda Altman
Admissions Manager
(604) 913-6044 (direct)

Nadine Pettman
Senior Manager of Communications, Marketing and Admissions
(604) 913-6018 (direct)

Jia Shu Li
Admissions and Communications Coordinator
(604) 922-3223 ext. 3242

Alex Stingaciu
Admissions & Communications Assistant
(604) 922-3223 ext. 3358

Take a Virtual Tour

As application deadlines pass, online submissions can no longer be accepted for those grades. Please contact Admissions at 604-922-3223 for more information.


Our Admissions team is available to meet with you at any time. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. Please call to arrange an appointment at 604 922 3223 or contact

Financial Aid Scholarships

We are pleased to offer both full and partial scholarships to new students entering Grades 8 to 11. Our scholarships are need-based and are offered to families who meet the following criteria

Learn More

Please click here to fill out a short contact form. We will be happy to call you back with more information about Mulgrave and help you to register for one of our upcoming Admissions events.