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Strategic Plan 2016-2020

“Making Mulgrave Everything We Can Be”

We are pleased to introduce you to our five-year strategic plan, a set of goals and actions that will provide us with a vision that will lead Mulgrave through 2020 and will strengthen our position as a leader in education. With its implementation started in September 2016, ours is a bold plan that will build on our momentum and that will continue to inspire our community to strive for excellence. Indeed, every aspect of this plan is intended to support our students as they work to reach their personal best, and we are very excited about the opportunities this plan has and will continue to offer.

The movies below provide more in-depth information about each of the five educational priorities of our plan. They are each about 5-minutes long and include interviews with various members of the Mulgrave faculty, explaining how the plan will impact learning and personal development.

The next iteration of our plan is currently in development. Parents can learn more about community consultation and next steps here.



Making a Mulgrave education more PERSONALISED so that students can achieve their potential academically and create a range of university options.


Making a Mulgrave education more ENRICHED with 21st Century skills so that all students can systematically develop these key life skills for the future.


Making a Mulgrave education more APPLIED to real-world contexts so that all students are able to apply their skills authentically and further develop an understanding of concepts and ideas in real-world settings.


Making a Mulgrave education more EXTENDED through enhanced co-curricular opportunities so that all students can follow their interests and passions.


Making a Mulgrave education more INTERNATIONAL so that all students and live and work happily and successfully in a range of cultures and countries.

*Filming and production completed by Mulgrave alum, Marcus Hann. Thank you for sharing your talents and for your excellent work.


Strategic Plan Update

In March 2019, we published an update to our Strategic Plan, followed by a video series. Please click on the image and links below to explore.

Strategic Plan videos, by topic:

Head of School John Wray, discussed the progress report with parents and recorded additional videos to respond to questions from the community: