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Simon LeSieur

Originally from Quebec City, Simon has been working alongside North Shore youth and families through West Vancouver United Church since 2010.

Much of the work that he does is grounded in his experience and learnings from working alongside marginalised groups, including India’s street children with whom he worked for two summers. He later obtained his Master's of Divinity from Stellenbosch University in South Africa’s Western Cape.

Bringing with him this experience of global inequity, he strives through his community of faith to shape visionary and responsible young people who are globally aware and locally engaged.

To this end, he and his wife, who met while building homes in impoverished communities in Mexico, established the West Vancouver United Church Scholarship for Young Innovators. The scholarship recognises high school students who intentionally use their love of people and their sense of innovation to creatively make this world a better place.

Together, they recently welcomed into the world their first child, a fiery little girl who they named 'bringer of good news' - Evangeline.