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Gordon MacIntyre

An educator with over eighteen years experience, Gordon MacIntyre developed a passion for teaching and education at UBC where, to-date, he has earned four degrees: a Bachelor of Physical Education, a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education (Educational Administration and Leadership).

Gordon is currently the Head of School at Southpointe Academy in South Delta. Before that, he was Deputy Head of School at Mulgrave School from 2011-2018 and Director of the Junior School at Stratford Hall from 2005-2011.

When he is not enjoying a family game-night (Blokus is a favourite), reading a great book (Kissinger’s World Order is a recent favourite), or making the best of winter weather, Mr. MacIntyre can be found chasing eagles, birdies, and albatrosses at beautiful golf courses across the Lower Mainland.