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Brad Carter

Brad Carter is a national education development executive with Apple Canada, providing educational leadership across Canada with expertise in strategic planning, research, and professional development. Brad moved to Apple after six years at Mulgrave School as the Director of Educational Technology, Director of the Centre for Innovation, and a classroom teacher.

Brad has spent more than 15 years exploring the impact of technology on society and, in particular, K-12 education. His global travels, which include leading an international student body and faculty around the world, have given him a broad perspective on a variety of school systems.

An Apple Distinguished Educator and a Google Certified Innovator, Brad has presented on the impact of technology on education at SXSW, Apple Education Leadership Institutes, Alan November’s Building Learning Communities in Boston, and GSuite for Education Summits. He has also led professional development workshops at the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools, Independent Schools Association of British Columbia as well as in individual schools in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

"Mulgrave is an exciting school," Brad says, and he believes it is moving into position as a leading educational organisation. He is grateful for the experience it gave him and he welcomes the opportunity to give back to Mulgrave as a member of the Advisory Board.