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Sadaf Ghanbari Miandoab

When I first came to Mulgrave in Grade 8, I was constantly worried about not being able to communicate properly with other students and not being included. Considering that I came from a completely different culture, school environment, and even language, it is easy to say that my life had changed. I started off the year being very shy and thought that avoiding people would help relieve the constant reminder of me being a timid newcomer. But it only took me a few days to realise how welcoming everyone was. I genuinely felt like I belonged, despite all of our differences. I did not feel like a timid newcomer, but instead a confident one. Over the course of my five years of study at Mulgrave, I have grown to praise the strong and welcoming community built by our teachers, staff members, students and their families. I feel very fortunate that we get to study in a truly multicultural community, where no one, regardless of their cultural background, is afraid to speak up. We are taught that our voices are what matters most. 

I have followed my passion and founded the Math Club, became the co-leader of the Science Club, and joined SSAC and CCC. It was through these experiences that I felt more and more a part of the Mulgrave community. There are always opportunities for us to bring new initiatives to school and get the community involved. Not only have I helped organize Orange Shirt Day, Pink Shirt Day, and Ignite simulation for many years, I also got the chance to collaborate with Care Canada and many other schools in the NorthShore to help fundraise for and empower women and girls in developing countries. With this, I was able to not only give back to our community, but also expand my skills; I doubt I would get the chance to be this involved in any other school.

I have learned that there is always room for more in Mulgrave. There is no such thing as ‘enough’, no such thing as ‘judgement’. You can be from any cultural background and you will be treated the same, receive endless support, and be given countless opportunities to speak up, grow as an individual, and chase your dream.