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Kate Hoogendoorn

Kate and her husband Frank, have been involved in the Mulgrave community since 2013 when their daughter started in the Early Learning Centre. She is now in Grade 4.

Kate has been an active volunteer at Mulgrave and is currently Secretary to the Board and Chair of the Governance Committee. She is now the C.E.O of BBSPro which manufactures and sells biodegradable cleaning products, provides commercial dishwasher leasing, and the sale and service of commercial bar equipment.

Previously she was the President of Brooks Corning, a distributor of Haworth office furnishings, and brings a breadth of experience in project and strategic planning. Before this, Kate was Chairman and C.E.O for an Austin Texas based energy retailer, and also served as Chief Executive Officer and Director of Cognera, a provider of billing services to regulated utilities and deregulated energy retailers in Alberta.

Kate received Bachelor’s Degrees in both Commerce (Accounting), and Arts (Education) from the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and has been awarded the designation of ICD.D by the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Kate has held a variety of Board Positions.