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Kai Lu

Mulgrave never fails to surprise me. Upon joining the Mulgrave community in Grade 9, I was surprised by how welcoming and friendly the people are. Everyone knew my name already and a lot of them reached out to me over the summer. Therefore, I made friends before school even started. My most unforgettable memory at Mulgrave was my first day when my classmates proactively offered to help me navigate through the school despite being late to their classes. Soon, the diverse opportunities offered at the school from countless clubs to leadership roles like the arts council, sports council, and SSAC caught my attention. The unwavering support from peers and teachers gave me the courage to take on leading roles in the school like the student board to further contribute and give back to the Mulgrave community. It is this domino effect that amplifies the positivity spread and strengthens the strong, close-knit community Mulgrave has today.