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Joaquin Revello Lerena

Ever since becoming a part of the Mulgrave community in the early Junior School, one thing has always stood out to me: the communal commitment for personal best. In other words, I am fascinated by the stressed importance of improving one’s self aside from academics. While Mulgrave’s IB academic program is often thought of as extremely rigorous, the teachers help by continuously highlighting the importance of focusing on improving one’s study skills rather than on the final semester grade. I have learned that with the proper system of habits, any final grade is possible. Therefore, focusing on improving one’s study system, allows for greater personal and academic achievement - a concept many teachers consistently emphasise. This is most notably seen in the goal-setting conferences, where students set goals based on the study habits/routines/process rather than a final grade number. This different approach allows us to focus on mastering the study skills and study process which is significantly more practical in the real world. Mulgrave’s focus on reaching for one’s personal best allows for the development of long-lasting successful habits that students maintain well after their assignments are due.