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Jack Chen

One of the major aspects of Mulgrave school life that stands out to me is the diversity in terms of students and culture, and the ways in which co-curriculars can further enhance this diversity. Students of each grade come from a variety of backgrounds, whether it is a difference in country of origin, or cultural background, or even beliefs and values. In fact, students have the ability, and are encouraged, to explore each other’s differences and learn more about each other. In classes, sometimes these backgrounds are explored in the context of the class material in which students elaborate on certain topics to provide authentic insight to the particular subject. This is further enhanced by the various co-curricular activities that are provided to the student body. From the anime club to the Chinese magazine club, different cultures are explored to provide even more understanding of the diverse culture present here at Mulgrave. For me, this acceptance of different cultures helps welcome new students, and remember the cultures of alumni, which is an important part of creating a community with strong bonds, like the ones here at Mulgrave.