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Isaac Manji

Family is so beneficial in one’s life, and here at Mulgrave, we are so lucky to be one together. At Mulgrave, we have such a strong sense of community; one in which everyone can be accepted and have a voice regardless of skin colour, gender, age, or any physical attribute. We are so lucky to have a diverse selection of co-curricular and initiatives at Mulgrave and that is a foundation for our community. Personally, I have been here since Kindergarten and a part of the athletics program for nine years. Being a part of the soccer and basketball teams at Mulgrave, I have been able to form unbreakable bonds with my peers and teammates who are now like brothers to me. Additionally, I have served as a member of MSAC and Athletics Council, and as a Deputy House Captain. Being a part of these clubs, I was able to partake in so many events to help build school spirit! Every day I walk into Mulgrave, I have something to look forward to. Whether that is to have a laugh with one of my teachers, compete in a playoff basketball game in front of all the fans in the stands, or simply attend a meeting for a co-curricular club I am a part of, there is always something to do, get involved in and look forward to. I hope that whoever comes into our school and already is a part of the community can find a way to get more involved and connect with others that they may have never met, and appreciate/enjoy every minute they have left in this amazing community and school of ours.