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Gabriella Novak

It is the community, diversity, and balance that makes Mulgrave special. I can attest to this having been enrolled at Mulgrave since Kindergarten. The teachers know you by name, they know your interests, your strengths, and your goals. They are vested in helping you achieve your goals. Mulgrave is a school rich in culture. We have students from different cultural backgrounds bringing unique, global perspectives to every interaction whether that be in the classroom or outside of the classroom. Many cultural traditions are celebrated within our school, reflective of our diverse school body. We are tolerant and accepting of all cultures and backgrounds. Balance is a central part of being a Mulgravian. We are all encouraged to engage in all four strands of school life: athletics, arts, service, and outdoor education. From the countless clubs to sports teams, there is a place for everyone at Mulgrave. Being a Mulgravian means that you are part of a community, a community which fosters diversity and balance.