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Beier Cai

Beier and his wife Karen joined the Mulgrave community in 2019, their eldest son is
currently in Grade 2 and their youngest son is attending preschool. Beier was born in China and moved to Vancouver in the year 2000 to earn his BSc. Computer Science degree at Simon Fraser University. Since joining the Mulgrave community, Beier has been actively involved in the school’s Technology Advisory Committee and contributed to the 5-year strategic planning effort. Beier has also helped Senior School students by providing direct 1:1 mentorship and guest lecturing on topics such as tech innovation and entrepreneurship.

Beier has a strong passion for solving challenging problems in unconventional ways, at a large scale. Ever since his graduation at SFU, Beier has been actively involved in the technology industry as an entrepreneur, executive, investor, and advisor. He was one of the founding members at Hootsuite, grew the company into a tech unicorn in Vancouver that employs mroe than 1000 people. Later on he co-founded FirstCoin Capital, a Blockchain based investment platform that was acquired by Galaxy Digital, based in New York. With his passion for the Future of Work, Beier recently co-founded Commit, building a Professional Community platform for technologists in the new era of digital-first workplace.

Beier is also a big believer in the power of community where like-minded people can learn, share and collaborate. He organises several tech communities in Vancouver and has run dozens of tech events throughout the years. He regularly speaks at conferences and on podcasts to share his technology and entrepreneurship experience and lessons. Beier also advises and provides mentorship to organizations such as YELL Canada and New Venture BC.

Beier enjoys hiking, skiing, and just loves to learn everything his boys are learning, such as badminton, mountain biking, and hockey.