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Angela Li

Since joining the Mulgrave community in Grade 6, I have seen first-hand how a community of people, from students to faculty, are willing to help each other and move forward, creating our sense of community founded on humility, compassion, commitment, and cooperation. An example of this value put into practice is our community's resilience and togetherness during the COVID-19: students set up resource pages, helped local charities, and even wrote letters to seniors to help with the pandemic. In the face of adversity, we embraced our responsibility to support others and make a difference through service, leadership, and understanding.

At Mulgrave, students thrive in the numerous leadership and learning opportunities, personalisation based on creativity and curiosity, and cultural diversity, each of which enables students to succeed in today's interdependent and fast-developing world. We are immersed in a culturally diverse environment where students not only recognise each other's differences, but also strive to understand, appreciate, and respect them. Our open-mindedness, respect for diversity, and global perspective are reflective of Mulgrave's pluralistic ethos and interconnectedness. Through embracing our differences, we foster a true sense of community for all of our members.