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Amin Gulamani

Having been at Mulgrave since Kindergarten, I have a unique relationship with the school. The most striking of which is the way the school empowers students to take action. In my time at Mulgrave I have found the vital resources in my learning and growth. First, let me tell you a story from all the way back in Kindergarten. As a kid I was very excited by marine biology; I loved the in class unit and read all the fish-related books on the bookshelf. Being the ambitious 5 year old I was, I decided to write a book about a fish who explored the layers of ocean. Why does this matter? Mulgrave, in wanting to empower my continued enthusiasm for creating and learning gave me a merit certificate. Now merit certificates are these awards given to Junior School students who have done something awesome and worth supporting. For me, those fish-related books and that merit certificate, excited me to continue to make, do, and learn what I enjoy. Now, 12 years later, I am no aspiring marine biologist. Nonetheless, I take that same Mulgravian enthusiasm into things I do: the combat robots I build, the Model United Nations delegations I lead, and the life I lead.