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Email Convention: To email a staff or faculty member, use the first initial and last name ahead of the suffix

Faculty and Staff Directory by Last Name

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Joanna Adam

Teacher, Early Years

Nadia Afshar

Advancement Assistant

Michelle Allan

Associate Teacher, Early Years

Michelle Allan

Rhonda Altman

Admissions Manager

Lian Anson

Film, VA and Design Coordinator, Senior School

Tashana Auyong

Administrative Coordinator, Early Years

Tara Avenia

Technology Integrationist / JS Design Maker Space Coordinator

Daniela Baez

Foreign Languages Assistant - French, Upper School

Nicola Bailey

Admin & Teacher Support

Nicola Bailey

Aziz Batada

Christopher Baumunk

Maple Baxter

Associate Teacher, Junior School

Rhonda Beaupre

Lindsey Berns

Deputy Head of School

Sarah Bernstein

Performing Arts, Theatre

Natasha Emily Blair

Aleah Bowerman

Digital Communications & Marketing Associate

Amanda Brooks

Assistant Librarian
1 2 3 11 > showing 1 - 20 of 213 constituents