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Professional Development

Mulgrave makes a significant investment in the professional development of our faculty and staff. As lifelong learners, we know it is critical that we not only maintain the most up-to-date approach to education, but that we are also seeking to broaden our perspectives and and connections to key global issues.

Professional development opportunities include:

  • International professional development
  • Leadership and career development opportunities
  • Access to innovation projects
  • Weekly collaborative planning
  • Extensive teaching and learning resources
  • Overseas travel opportunities for service learning initiatives


In our experience, the best professional development is ongoing, experiential and collaborative. It must be derived from a desire to learn about how different children learn and how to best inspire them.John Wray, Mulgrave's Head of School


Your colleagues will inspire you...

Rosa Yip

"I love Mulgrave because it is a place where I can share my passion for my culture and language with everyone I meet. I enjoy teaching here because I can see the world from the various perspectives that my students bring with them. They come from such different countries and cultural backgrounds! I bring joy to my teaching, and I love that I can spread that joy to my students."

Jack McKillop

"Every day, I am challenged, engaged, and inspired by my students. Whether discussing the interpretive nature of knowledge in a Theory of Knowledge class, demonstrating how to pitch a tent in the backcountry, or watching a soccer team celebrate a last-minute goal, the reward of my job lies in seeing students grow and develop into passionate learners, ready to positively influence their world."

Elizabeth Calderon

"Opportunities for growth abound as an employee at Mulgrave. Not only are we offered access to extensive professional development, but we are also encouraged to take on leadership roles in ways that are well-supported and that lead to success and career advancement. I feel fortunate to have personally benefited from these opportunities. I am grateful that Mulgrave continues to invest in me so that I can grow in my role and better serve and support our community."