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Incredible Experiences, Amazing Opportunities, Remarkable Facilities.
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Mulgrave empowers faculty and staff to be our best. Being around smart, engaged, and talented individuals makes each day exciting and fulfilling. Thanks to the school's generous investment of time and resources, we excel as professionals and deliver on our mission to inspire excellence in education and life.

Our Approach to Diversity

At Mulgrave one of our core values is inclusion, and as part of our active commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice we strive to welcome students, staff and families with a diverse range of identities and backgrounds. Individual wellbeing is central to our school's philosophy and we work hard to ensure that everyone is safe, is seen and has a deep sense of belonging. Alongside these community-wide commitments, we strive to attract staff from a wide range of identities and intersectionalities who can enrich our family with diverse perspectives and support our journey to ensure every individual is valued, celebrated and supported to be the best they can be.


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