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Centre for Innovation

Mulgrave’s Centre for Innovation

The Mulgrave Centre for Innovation is an innovation incubator. We cultivate and freely share innovative practice that has a measurable positive effect on teaching and learning in the classroom and on school operations.

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What is the CFI focussed on currently?

Click on the image below to learn more about Mulgrave's CFI.Mulgrave's Centre for Innovation

About the CFI

The Centre for Innovation (or CFI) is a people-based organisational unit within Mulgrave School, driven day-to-day by the work of the director and a number of faculty and staff.

The development of promising innovations will be achieved through the cultivation of new practice, partnerships with other individuals and organisations, staff development and the publication of our work.

The Centre’s task is to maintain and expand Mulgrave’s unique identity as a pioneer in national and international education and as a dynamic and forward-thinking professional environment for teachers.