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The Mulgrave Calendar & Class Schedule

Academic Calendar




The Mulgrave Calendar

Our calendar is not a traditional one. Instead of a ten-week summer break, we have shortened it to eight weeks to allow for two additional reading breaks in the middle of our fall and spring terms.

The four-day long mid-term breaks in the fall (early November) and spring (early May) terms are linked to public holidays, giving our students and staff a week off to re-charge and learn more effectively throughout the entire length of the term.

A secondary benefit of the November break is that we have seen fewer students succumb to illness at a time when flu season is at its peak and tired constitutions lead to suppressed immunity. Attendance, therefore, has been more consistent, allowing for students' academic momentum to continue.

The three-week mid-winter (Christmas) break is long enough for many of our international families to travel across the globe to visit friends and family and to celebrate the holidays. It also allows our faculty and staff to re-charge and enjoy the joys of winter.

Our two-week spring break (usually in March) is standard and comes at a time when winter feels long. The chance to get away is met with relief and our return with satisfaction as we prepare for our final term of the year.

The May break comes at a pivotal time for our Upper School students. As they prepare for their end-of-year exams, the reading break provides them with dedicated time for their studies and a chance to set themselves up for success.

Our summer kicks off at the end of June, with classes starting again at the end of August. We chose this in order to provide a more consistent start date to the beginning of the school year, regardless of the timing of Labour Day and to ensure a more consistent length of learning time in the fall. The shorter summer also enables our students to limit the amount of regression that inevitably happens over the course of a long summer.

Collaborative Planning Time

Our weekly schedule is another element of our calendar that is different from most local schools. On Tuesday mornings, we have a late start to our academic classes, and we dismiss our students early on Friday afternoons. Those extra hours are when we have embedded planning time for our teachers. They meet as grade and subject teams to discuss curriculum, examine student progress as it relates to our PK-G12 continuum of skills, and develop strategies for addressing any concerns.

Instead of regular core classes, our students have the option of attending any of the myriad co-curricular classes on offer during those times. Some students may choose to use that time to do specialised training and one-to-one coaching or simply have extra time to work on their studies.


Should you have any questions about our schedule or calendar, please contact Lindsey Berns, Deputy Head of School, at