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25 Years of History

Mulgrave's history is packed with amazing stories about our students, community, faculty, and alumni. We are proud to share a glimpse into our past in the following timeline, created to celebrate our 25th Anniversary in the 2018-19 school year.

Vision & Verve

(1993 - 2002)

Growth & Development 

(2003 - 2010)

Innovation & Achievement 


Community & Diversity 

Who We Are 

Leadership & Citizenship 

Learning Beyond the Classroom


A Look Ahead

Mulgrave makes the news for a personalised education style in 1996.

The Early Years

It would be easy to point to several serendipitous events during Mulgrave's early years to explain the school's success from the start. Yet, you could count twice as many untold challenges that would require a unique combination of vision and leadership to see through the dream of a permanent Mulgrave School.

Mulgrave's first 'whole school' picture in 1994.

The original Mulgrave crest was designed by Mrs. Hamer and founding school member Milena Robertson to serve as a symbol of the school values. The motto, "Abeunt Studia in Mores," loosely translates to mean, "education becomes the manners, or virtues, of life."

More on Mulgrave

Designed by Patti Koenig, a parent at the school, the school uniform features the Smith clan tartan, a Celtic clan. The house colours are intended to parallel the green, blue, yellow, and red found in the tartan. 

The four Mulgrave Houses - Smith, Curie, Churchill, and Luther King - were named after Nobel Prize winners. 

First Mulgrave trip to Australia in 2001. Students visited the south shores of Oz, north of Brisbane, Queensland over Spring Break.

Vancouver Grizzlies Basketball mascot pays a visit to Mulgrave at the North Shore Winter Club in 1998. 

Aerial view of Mulgrave's finished permanent building; its 'forever home'.

Mulgrave's new building opening in the news (1995).

A Forever Home. 

In 1998, the Board announced it had successfully secured ownership of 13.6 acres of property at the foot of Cypress Mountain. In drafting a plan for the building, parents, students, and staff collaborated to design a space that would fully support the level of interaction and communication which is at the heart of Mulgrave's triadic approach. 

The Middle Years

"If we take time to stand still for a moment, to reflect..., to look at our school with new eyes, to appreciate that which our students have achieved, the path we need to follow becomes crystal clear." - Eddie de Beer, Principle of the Upper School, Message to the community (June 2006).

The community bids farewell to it's retiring founding headmistress Linda Hamer. Experienced Headmaster Mr. Simon Bruce-Lockhard, who worked as Head at Shawnigan Lake from 1990 to 2000 before sojourning in Ontario for 2 years, joins Mulgrave as interim Head of School. 

Kate Jewell (r) and Fiona Humbert-Droz (l) at the New Life Orphanage in Nairobi during Mulgrave's first service trip led by Mrs. Tetiker and Mr. DeBeer (2006).

The Early Years curriculum follows an inquiry-based approach to learning and incorporates symbolic or abstract relationships/mathematics.

Mulgrave Early Learning Centre students move from the West Vancouver Montessori School location to the new on-campus facility. 

CAIS Student Leadership Conference team. The event marks the beginning of the annual Cypress Student Summit on global issues (2006).

Eastern Canada trip in 2009.

Mulgrave welcomes Mr. Macoun, a highly experienced international educator recognized as one of Canada's top independent school leaders. 

The Ministry of Education commends Mulgrave's Middle School curriculum, which offered Latin, Philosophy, Mentoring, Media Studies, Renaissance Activities, as well as F.A.S.T (Foundational Academic Skills Training).

An aerial photo of West Vancouver. Mulgrave can be seen in the bottom left.

Mulgrave closes it's doors for two weeks to host members of the Olympic teams participating in events atop Cypress Mountain. 

Tony Macoun with his dogs Tanna and Pippin at the dedication of Mulgrave's Early Learning Centre, 2010. Photo by M. Wakefield courtesy of the North Shore News.

In 2003, the Board of Trustees commissioned a portrait by Susanna Blunt to commemorate Mrs. Hamer's vast contributions. Today, the portrait is hanging at the entrance of Mulgrave's Archive and Board Room. 

Featuring prominently in Mulgrave's archive room is a picture of Nihat Tetiker bearing the Olympic torch during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Senior School students use new editing technology in Mulgrave's film editing studio, 2004-05.

Mulgrave becomes an IB Continuum School in 2009 after it is authorised to offer the Middle Years Programme, following PYP authorisation in 2007.

The Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, visits Mulgrave to support a school service and leadership initiative in 2009. 

Grads welcoming ELC students on the first day of school. PK3-4 students participate in many whole school activities throughout the year.

Mr. Macoun, Mrs. Alice Benson, and Mr. Allard at Mulgrave's annual Gala.

Junior School weekly assembly (2003). Since the earliest days of the school, merits certificates are handed out to one student per classroom at the end of each assembly.

Launch of the MPOWER campaign in 2017 in support of several initiatives in the school's five-year strategic plan.

The Present Years

If there is a theme to describe Mulgrave's focus in the 2010s it is innovation. Never complacent, a spirit of creativity, transformation, and evolution had by now been etched into the school's DNA. Led by Mr. John Wray, this period in the school's history transformed Mulgrave into a world-class school.

On May 22nd, the school would host a grand opening of its Senior School. Later that summer, less than ten years since its first IB class graduated, Jolee Tung '15 achieves a maximum point score of 45 in her DP exams. One of four in Canada. 

A principal welcome (2017). Every day, students are greeted by Mulgrave principals, vice principals, and other school leaders as they arrive at school.

Kevin Hu and Mr. Wray celebrate another successful Math Olympiad in 2012. 

The Mulgrave 2020 initiative would launch with a five year 'Good to Great' strategic plan that would build on earlier successes.

Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Member of Parliament for West Vancouver, Sunshine Coast, and Sea to Sky Country, visits Mulgrave, 2016.

Junior School teachers during a collaborative planning session (2018).

"To work with young people is a privilege, to watch them grow and develop is a delight and to anticipate their needs and aspirations for the future is a challenge and requires of us that we are ready to adapt and change." - Mr. Tony Macoun

Mulgrave's Board votes unanimously in favour of beginning the construction of a new Senior School.

IMAGINE Mulgrave, a capital campaign focussed on building on the school's habit of excellence, is launched. It's ambitous goal of raising $31 million would be achieved in less than three years. 

Extended Essay Celebration, 2015.

In 2018, a Celebration of Life to honour our beloved Ms. Morgan was held at Mulgrave.

In 2012, the school introduces a G3-5 one-to-one iPad programme in support of using technology to further personalise student learning.

The Kenyan Boys Choir visit Mulgrave, and share their heritage and stories. 

A Culture of Philanthropy. 

"Investing in something that has given so much to my daughters and my family has always made a lot of sense to us and aligns with our values. Our gratitude runs deep so I am pleased that I can give back to the community." - Mr. Harry Wierenga - Board Chair

Canadian Environment Week, 2015. Commemorated by the donation of five Red Maple trees by the Calder, Chittock-Petraszko, McKenzie, Gonzalez and Calkin family as part of Mulgrave's regreening initiative as the new Senior School was completed.

Grade 3 overnight camp (2011). The strategic plan introduced in 2011 saw the Outdoor Education programme formally extended into the Junior School.

Kian Abghari '08, with Mr. Lawson. Kian was Mulgrave's first Alumni Board Coordinator.

Stella's work is honoured in a farewell event and she is presented with this gift.

IMAGINE Mulgrave ground breaking ceremony (2013)

Mulgrave's four Heads meet at the school in honour of Mr. de Beer's farewell (2011).

Inspired by the Senior School's 'Culture of Study' initiative, and in collaboration with the newly launched Centre for Innovation, Mulgrave launched a lunchtime lecture series focused on provoking discussion and cultivating learning outside the classroom, 2015.

The Marquis of Normandy on his third visit speaking to a G2 class (2011).

Grad class of 2004's ten-year class reunion. The first such gathering in Mulgrave's history and now an annual tradition (2014).

A longstanding tradition, Opening Assembly (2017).

Embraced as a symbol of our community's tightly-knit bonds, Mulgrave’s majestic totem pole was erected in conjunction with the new Senior School opening. Donated by a generous alumni family, the totem pole has come to symbolise Mulgrave’s multicultural identity. It tells a story through multiple crest figures of families coming together as one over generations.

Deputy Head of School Mr. Eddie de Beer's Farewell Party, 2016.

Steven Hur '08 and Mr.Lawson in 2015. 

Junior School students visit the computer lab (cic. 2010). Development of modern 21st century skills is a key focus of the school as part of its strategic plan goals.

Master clay potter Jung Hong Kim at Mulgrave's Lunar New Year celebration (2015).

"Mulgrave's Senior School is a significant example of how architectural design can positively impact the learning environment, and ultimately, enhance student outcomes." - Rod Windjack - Partner, CEI architecture

"I can attest to the immediate success of this new learning environment. Over the past few months, as our students and teachers made the rooms their own, we have seen the space encourage collaboration, independence and a renewed focus on achieving excellence." - John Wray, in a statement celebrating the school's opening. 

A team of accreditation officers from the IB Organisation, Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), and the Council of International Schools (CIS) complete a landmark visit to the school. Soon after, Mulgrave became the first school in Canada to be granted full CIS accreditation.

"What makes the Mulgrave community remarkable is the shared commitment of all its members - parents, teachers, students, and staff - to work together, and support each other, in our journey towards our own personal best. This ethos of collaboration and innovation permeates our environment and serves to inspire us. In fact, it is so powerfully Mulgrave that it draws people close long after they have moved on. Melissa Moore - Middle School Principle

Who We Are

"No one would question that Mulgrave has a wonderful facility on a superb site, and there is no doubt that such surroundings are an enormously positive factor in the creation of an atmosphere for a school. Ultimately, however, it is the people who make the school, people who are the measure of a school." - Mr. Simon Bruce-Lockhart

Gopi Chande, Yahya Chi, Aryan and Manon volunteer to welcome new families at a start-of-year event (2011).

Faris Mecklai ('17) became Mulgrave's first Loran Scholar. A year later, Armon Shokravi ('18), was also recognised with the prestigious award, which celebrates student's character, service, and leadership. 

Convocation ceremonies, held in the Linda Hamer Theatre, offer our students an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of their peers (2015).

In 2011, thanks to the generous contribution by a Mulgrave family, a branded bus featuring Mulgrave students was now able to accommodate traveling students during field trips. 

Mulgrave News 'broadcast' during a 2004-05 Upper School Assembly. 

A group of over forty student volunteers are invited to join the Me to We conference in downtown Vancouver (2012).

Grade-specific academic presentations, such as the G8s Night of the Notables, draw attendance from the community at large (2015)

Ms. Straub and Ms. Read confer over Sports Day plans (2007).

In 2014, as the community mourned the tragic and untimely death of Dr. Roshan Thomas, Mulgrave honoured her indomitable spirit with a scholarship to students from Afghanistan to attend Mulgrave School.

Martin Jones and Melissa Moore. Prior to stepping into the Assistant Head of School role in 2018, Mr. Jones, a Mulgrave veteran of 14 years, served as principal of the Middle School. Ms. Moore stepped into the Principal role after leading as Vice Principal with Mr. Jones. 

Since 2000, teacher and students have been dressing in their 'Cool for School' costumes to celebrate Halloween with their classmates (2014).

Every year, the warm welcome of Mulgrave's Grads and staff on the first day of school reminds the community the campus is 'home' (2014).

Mulgrave participates in the West Vancouver parade in 2014. 

A Day in the Life of a Mulgrave Teacher. 

"Words are not enough to describe the excellent teaching staff at Mulgrave... Their dedication, patience and never-ending encouragement translates to stretching imaginations and inspiring greatness." - Saira Samji - Mulgrave Parent

Wendy Mitchell, Silvia Heinrich, and Helen Joannou volunteering at a G7 party (2011).

Ms. Moore at the annual Welcome Back BBQ (2013). A tradition dating back to 1996, Bob Palli and Jennifer Hills coordinated this anticipated event for many years. 

Throughout the year, Mulgrave gathers as a community to learn from leaders in the community. Here with ice-hockey legend Manny Malhotra (2013).

Dozens of parents join Mulgrave students for the annual Terry Fox Run, held in September 2018.

The spirited trio if Robin Oswald, Vivian Lanko, and Helaine Shepard.

Gratitude is a shared value in our community. At the annual Grace Assembly, the community celebrates those who so selflessly give (2015).

The talented Linda Crone-Gill, whose dedication to Mulgrave's arts programme, and belief in it, are boundless (2012).

"To say it was a life-changing experience doesn't really begin to describe how deeply it inspired me." - Ms. By spent time in rural Ghana learning about traditional music and dance of the Ewe people.

Tron, here with celebrated Mulgrave athlete Jamie Hills at the Athletics Banquet, is a community champion of school spirit (circa 2009).

Ms. Willard follows along a discussion during the MVP-led Senior School Open Door roundtable (2013).

Gordon MacIntyre served as Deputy Head of School for Mulgrave .

Stella Ablett worked in multiple leadership capacities before taking on the role of SS principal from 2008-10.

Over his tenure at the school Mr. Eddie de Beer served as US principal and Deputy Head of School.

Jessica Gleig MS principal in 2007, at the 2007 grad ball.

Stephanie Friedrich (l), Kathryn Adrian (c) and Simone de Jaray (r) selflessly gave hundreds of volunteer hours to the school.

Isobel Willard, who served as Senior Principal, during a convocation Address (2013).

The tireless Shirleen Allen exchanges a warm hello with Mrs. Hamer during the theatre's dedication ceremony (2004).

Prior to becoming JS Principal, Karyn Mitchell was the Senior School Vice Principal from 2005-08.

In 2015, current ELC Principal, Morven Eakin, arrived to Mulgrave from Aberdeen Hall Prep in Kelowna.

Craig Davis, Senior School Principal, joined Mulgrave from Tanglin Trust School in Singapore in 2014.

Greg Cusbert served as the Junior School's first Principal. He transitioned back to a teaching role in 2008.

Coaches with Tron at the 2014 Athletic Banquet. The first banquet was organised by Mr. Tuckwell in 2006.

Ms. Radford with Mr. Allard as news of her award was being announced (2009).

Exposure to the interdisciplinary nature of outdoor pursuits creates the opportunity for students to draw from multiple subject areas when tackling a problem, creating a solution, or raising critical questions. 

Learning Beyond the Classroom

"Through these pages, stories will be told about the extraordinary events the students have not only enjoyed, but in many cases created. A consistent theme that runs through the wonderful images portrayed is the joy of being part of a learning experience." - Mr. Richard Bolus

In 1999, a vision of using film studies as a catalyst for teaching creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, gave birth to the ZOOM Film Festival.

Mr. Wilson joins in on the fun and dances with goats during a Kenya service trip (2014).

Senior Boys Volleyball (2014). 

The Wizard of Oz (2015).

Mr. McLean expressing the joy of music at MusicFest in Toronto (2015).

As Mr. Olynyk so aptly reminds Anniqa, 'getting loud is essential' (2011).

2015's Mulgrave Emergency Response Team. MERT was formed in 2005 to help provide First Aid and Emergency Management at the school. 

The superhero theme of 2018's Battle of the Houses brought made it easy to get into the spirit of things. Mr. Cutbill 'roots for' his fellow Churchill housemates. 

Mulgrave's Esprit de Corps

At the heart of Mulgrave's spirit is the collective dedication of the community to making the school a great place to be and learn. Although this energy is palpable and evident on a daily basis, athletic events are often relished by students as an opportunity to broadcast school pride. 

Jack Lippman, Spirit Week 2015. Our second Balding for Dollars initiative on behalf of BC Children's Hospital. 

Mulgrave campers at Gabriola Island. 

A flying tinkerbell graced the air above Linda Hamer stage in the Upper School's production of Peter Pan, directed by Ms. Race (2016).

In 2016 the film Limbo won the best overall film, earning a trophy for Mulgrave School!

A daring group of students arrive atop Whistler Mountain to endeavour through the back country towards Garibaldi in a DoE ski trip (2017).

Senior Boys Rugby match (2010).

Mulgrave's layer (2015) offered a dark and edgy take on the modern series. 

Students make a stop to explore the Telegraph Cove Whale Interpretive Centre during the Gold Kayak Trip to Broughton Archipelago (2012).

Once a Titan, always a Titan. Mr. Leduc congratulates members of the alumni basketball team who join him at the school for a friendly game against the current Senior team (2016).

2006 G12 Leadership & Team Building Camp. 

Ali McTavish in Garibaldi Park during the G9 2017 backpacking OE camp. 

Mr. Olynik leads the charge during this 2013 Rock Climbing Middle School LEAP elective class.

Fourteen students participated in a Bronze-level trip to Darcy (2015).

Directed by Mr.Pope, Laramie Project (2010) was a thoguht-provoking play tackling subjects of respect, gay rights, and sexual orientation. 

Howe Sound bronze-level sailing trip (2014-15).

Mr. Caton produced and directed the Junior School play Thoroughly Modern Millie with the support of Mr. Mclean and Ms. Zuidema as music directors (2018).

Cyberlife, written for Mulgrave and directed by Ms. Creber and Mr. Pope, hits the stage in 2011. 

An Enduring Vision

The chronicle of Mulgrave's first 25 years makes it possible to appreciate that although the physical space that houses the Mulgrave of today looks different than those of its humble beginnings, its community's values - underpinned by a long-standing mission to inspire excellence in education and life - endure.

In many ways, it is this shared journey towards the continuous pursuit of personal best that defines what it means to be Mulgravian. The passion for education, enterprising spirit, and uncompromising work ethic exemplified by thos early founding families have been inextricably woven into the fabric of the school; they are the Mulgrave DNA.

As Mulgrave educators strive to prepare lifelong learners to thrive in a culturally diverse and interdependent world, their goal is to inspire each individual to take personal responsibility, embrace a passion for service, and be confident in their power to make a difference. As the school continues to write its history, its story will be told by the actions of its members in response to these goals. So, although the Mulgrave of tomorrow may evolve to look still different from the one today, its ethos, the essence of what it is to be Mulgravian, will never change.