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Message from Head Boy and Head Girl

We would like to welcome you into our amazing and positive community here at Mulgrave. When walking through our halls, you may notice our incredibly professional, inclusive, and dynamic environment that is constantly buzzing with activity. As the two of us enter our final year at Mulgrave, we can’t help but admire how this community has affected us both academically and personally over the years. This school has been an integral part of forming who we are as learners and individuals, and we hope you are able to experience this when you visit as well.

Both of us have had the privilege of attending Mulgrave since kindergarten, and together have watched this school grow and thrive into the amazing community it is today. This being said, the time you arrive here has no impact on the friendly and cordial way you’ll find yourself welcomed into our tight-knit family. Our grade groups are small and personable, which helps bolster strong, special connections between both incoming and existing students. When you are a part of the Mulgrave community, you not only know the people in your own grade, but also many other grades, as well as virtually all of our teachers and staff members. Mulgrave’s array of inter-grade activities and co-curriculars allow students to form valuable bonds with others of all ages. These relationships provide our students with meaningful and personalised advice from their ‘older’ and ‘younger’ peers and unifies our student body. It is these small, but powerful aspects of student life that make Mulgrave such a unique and caring community.

Despite its modest population, Mulgrave sits on an unbelievably expansive campus, with an astounding view that never stops dazzling our eyes. Whether you’re running hard in a rugby match on our recently renovated field, or singing in a choir rehearsal on the sky bridge, the beautiful panoramic vista never stops serving as a perfect way to recollect one’s thoughts and remember what life has to offer us. Speaking of rugby and choir, at Mulgrave, we are lucky to have a wealth of resources and outlets available to further our passions and strive for excellence in any of the four strands: Arts, Academics, Athletics and Service. The school offers a vast amount of opportunities in each of these areas, and in doing so ensures students the chance to lead well-balanced and enriching lives for themselves. This allows us to further our personal interests, continue to challenge our academic strengths, all while developing important time management skills. With sports like basketball and golf, creative options like band and choir, or even our Changemakers and Beekeepers Club, Mulgrave never falls short of contributing to our students’ personalized and unparalleled interests.

Though all these elements contribute to making Mulgrave what is is, none compare to our proudest asset of all; the group of outstanding teachers and learning support that abound throughout the school. Every member of our faculty encourages us to look beyond the walls of our institution, and remain open-minded towards issues affecting the greater populace on a local, national, and even global scale. In addition to promoting this social awareness and receptive inquiry, the teachers also ensure that students feel as though their futures and present selves are truly cared for. The two of us honestly believe that the connections we hold with many of our educators are some of the strongest in the world, and that–to us–Mulgrave’s professors are so much more than mere academic instructors; they are our friends. This shows not only in our many humorous and charming conversations with them, but also through their tireless dedication to helping us succeed. Every teacher at Mulgrave is adamant on supporting you to the best of their abilities, and we have no doubt that a new student would immediately be blown away by the amount of extra help sessions and incredibly detailed feedback that are offered by all of the teachers and mentors in the school.

We hope that our vibrant community impacts you as much as it has us, and we are excited to share with you everything that Mulgrave has to offer. In true Mulgrave spirit, please do not hesitate to say hello to us in the hallways when you come visit!

We look forward to meeting you,

Lauren Mounzer and Aiden Carere