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Andrew Arida

Andrew is currently the Deputy Registrar at the University of British Columbia.
Andrew joined UBC in 1996 and has worked in prospective student recruitment,
undergraduate admissions and enrolment management for over twenty years. He
holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Calgary and an MA in Higher
Education from UBC. His research focused on the effects of different admission
criteria, including broad-based admissions and using the personal characteristics of
applicants, on shaping a first-year class.

Andrew sits on the International Baccalaureate College and University Recognition Committee
and has shared UBC’s research on the IB Diploma with audiences in North America,
Asia and Europe. Andrew is also the past President of ARUCC, the Association of
Registrars of the Universities & Colleges of Canada and a past member of the BC Council on
Admissions and Transfer. Most recently, Andrew has joined the AP Capstone
Champions with the College Board.