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Inspiring Excellence in Education and Life

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Governance & Leadership

We strongly encourage all members of our community - students, staff and parents - to develop and utilise their leadership skill in all areas of life.

In addition to our culture of leadership, our school has a formal leadership structure.

  • The Board of Directors sets and oversees the strategic direction of the school.
  • The Head of School and the School Leadership Team direct the school's operations on a day-to-day basis.
  • Click here for an outline of the key roles of the Board and Head of School.

Head of School,
John Wray
Deputy Head of School, Gordon MacIntyre Business Manager and CFO, Kelly Chow
ELC Principal, Morven McClean Junior School Principal (K-6),
Karyn Mitchell

Middle School Principal (7-9), Martin Jones

Senior School Principal (10-12), Chiara Tabet Director of Educational Technology, David Dallman Director of 21st Century Skills, Michael Moore
Director of Admissions,
Marketing and Communications, Elizabeth Calderon
Director of Advancement, Laura Walsh Director of Community Development,
Mark Steffens
Director of Talent Recruitment and Development, Tracey Dixon Facilities Manager, Michael Lopez IT Manager, John Flanagan

  • In addition, each division has a Divisional Leadership Team who work to support teachers in the ELC, Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.
  • The school's three IB curriculum programmes have a Programme Coordinator who works with a number of Curriculum Coordinators to oversee the subject strands in each programme.
  • The Mulgrave Volunteer Parents (MVP) organisation is led by an executive committee.
  • Also, in each division as well as in the various education strands, the school has student leadership groups. Among them is the Senior Prefect Team with a Head Boy and Head Girl elected every year.


Mulgrave is governed by a self perpetuating Board of Directors who are responsible for the overall strategic vision and financial well-being of the school. We are thankful for the careful guidance they provide the school.

Board of Directors - Executive Members

Board of Directors - Profiles


Mulgrave Independent School Society is a registered society incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia with its own constitution and bylaws.

  • Mulgrave is a not-for-profit registered charity.
  • The Mulgrave Independent School Society is governed by a fourteen person Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors meets about nine to ten times each year.
  • The Board has a committee structure, which includes non-Board members.
The Mulgrave Foundation

The Mulgrave Foundation exists to support Mulgrave School in achieving its mission to 'Inspire Excellence in Education and Life'. It achieves this by working behind the scenes to raise funds to support the school development and activities.


The role of the Mulgrave Advisory Board is to discuss with and advise the Head of School and the Mulgrave Board of Directors on the following:

  • Mulgrave’s broad educational provision and philosophy
  • International innovations and trends in PK-12 education
  • Mulgrave's role within BC's education system
Annual Report

At Mulgrave, we pride ourselves in our efforts to be one of Vancouver's best schools. As a Vancouver-area school, Mulgrave in West Vancouver, offers pre-school to high school IB, co-ed, private education that inspires the pursuit of excellence in education and life. To learn more about our school and community, take a look at our Annual Report and plan a visit to Mulgrave.