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'Tis the Season

Did you know that 40% of the total donations to charities made by Canadians are made in the last six weeks of the calendar year (November 15 to December 31)? As much as charities would love for donors to spread their giving throughout the year, the reality is people love to be generous at this time of year!

Instead of typical Holiday gifts like chocolates for your clients or friends, consider making a donation in someone's honour to a local charity.

Many parents and grandparents discuss philanthropic priorities with their children and grandchildren, choosing to make a family decision about these priorities. If you are not already doing this, we encourage you to do the same.
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Canada, as a country, turns 149 years old tomorrow, inching ever closer to its auspicious sesquicentennial anniversary in 2017. I have lived in Canada all of my life and yet I am only now beginning to understand its complexity and the subtlety of its formation. It isn't perfect and those who are wont to throw stones at glass houses will find fault easily enough. It remains nevertheless a shining light in a world increasingly darkened with intolerance, distrust and xenophobia.

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The United States' education system seems to go into crisis about every twenty-five years. In 1957, the Soviet launch of Sputnik set off a panic that the US was losing ground educationally. This was followed in 1983 by the infamous report A Nation At Risk ringing alarm bells about the imminent decline of American education. Most recently, the increased emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) signals yet another rallying cry to fix the system.

In every crisis, math invariably rises to the forefront as the subject most in need of redress.

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In his most recent blog post, Mr. MacIntyre illustrates how teaching in an IB continuum school, such as Mulgrave, is different than teaching in other types of schools - how it engenders a different mindset. He cites that through interdependence among colleagues, programmes and grades, Mulgrave teachers lift the learning of students and effectively abate the prevailing 'secondary achievement dip' that plagues many education systems around the world.

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The little boy stood on the downslope of the wetted sands staring out at the vast, oblique ocean. He waited for the next wave to crash the shore, planning his escape from its watery grasp at the last possible moment in a game of cat-and-mouse.

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About the Author
Mr. MacIntyre

An educator with over eighteen years experience, Mr. MacIntyre developed a passion for teaching and education at UBC where, to-date, he has earned four degrees: Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and Master of Education (Educational Administration and Leadership).

He arrived at Mulgrave in 2011 as Deputy Head of School after working six years as Director of the Junior School at Stratford Hall. When he is not enjoying a family game-night (Blokus is a favourite), reading a great book (Kissinger’s World Order is currently on his nightstand), or making the best of winter weather, Mr. MacIntyre can be found chasing eagles, birdies and albatrosses at beautiful golf courses across the North Shore.

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